Fanvil Product Webinar Recap

September 21, 2018 by Ying-Hui Chen

Did you miss the Fanvil product webinar this week? You won’t want to miss the recap in this blog post!

During the webinar, Fanvil introduced all of their product offerings including, IP phones, Hotel Phone Series, Door phones, and more. They also talked about the option to customize product labels for your customers.

Download the presentation slides and check out the Q&A session below to recap the webinar!

Q1: Do the phones have brightness adjustment for night time?

A: Yes  the phone supports brightness adjustment for night time.

Q2: Do the H3 and H5 have the ability to block the spills?

A: Yes, it can block liquid spills. Waterproof can only block liquid

Q3: Are the hotel phones anti-bacterial?

A: No, they are the same material as other phones, they are not anti-bacterial.

Q4: How do you customize the label?

A: Fanvil prints the label for customers directly. This is all done in the factory in China.

Learn More About Fanvil!

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