Fanvil X305 Big Button Phone Product Feature Video

December 8, 2023 by Steve Lopian

Introducing the Fanvil X305 Big Button Phone! Fanvil has designed this phone with the elderly and Healthcare in mind with its oversized buttons, extreme clarity, and ease of use. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this new release is its customizable HELP button. Whether you’re in your home, in a hospital, or assisted living, you can assign the large HELP button to one-touch dial your emergency contact.

Another one of the many amazing features of this phone is the pronounced speed dial buttons surrounding the screen. Not only does this make it easy to dial your most familiar contacts, but the Fanvil X305 also allows you to place a photo, or a name inside the button for those who find it easier to to visually see the actual contact’s name or picture.

These features that I felt I had to mention in this blog are just a few of many that this phone offers. To get a complete rundown of the X305 and all it has to offer, tune in to our Product Feature Video!

Are you considering the X305? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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