A Sneak Peek at Fanvil’s New XS and XU Series IP Phones

November 15, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Since Fanvil released their XU Series IP phones, our team has been receiving a lot of interests and questions! In our recent webinar with Fanvil, we were able to interact with our partners and get their questions answered and we’d like to share them with all of you who may be interested. 

Fanvil’s XS Series vs XU Series 

Fanvil’s XS and XU series both are upgraded from the X Series IP phones including both software and hardware. Comparing to the XS Series, the XU Series comes with more SIP lines and advanced support such as PoE, IPv6, Opus, and more. Learn more about the differences here!

During the webinar, Tommy from Fanvil mentioned a ton of cool features that Fanvil’s XU Series IP phones are equipped with. I will quickly go through some of them here: 

WiFi and Bluetooth 

The XU Series is excellent for network environment with no or poor wiring. Simply plug the Wifi adapter into your XU Series IP phones and enable WiFi, you are ready to communicate wirelessly.

Video Preview 

Fanvil’s XU Series supports IP cameras. You can set the DSS keys with the URL of your IP camera to play videos (switch between different LANs). Fanvil IP Phones can call the RTSP URL of a camera to preview the image of the camera on the screen. See how to set this up in our presentation slides.

SIP Hotspot

Fanvil’s IP phones also support SIP hotspot features. You only need to register one account and have that one account represent all the phones you have at multiple locations. When one IP phone receives a call, all client phones within its Hotspot group will ring and the first pick-up will answer the call.

And that’s not all! Download our presentation slides here to peak at more cool features and details! 

Fanvil XU Series Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any limitations on brand or model IP camera that will preview on the XU Series VoIP Phone?

A: The preview feature will work on all cameras that have an IP address and 264 codec.

Q: Does the X210i have all the features highlighted for the XU Series? 

A: The X210i is a high-end feature phone. It has all the features that XU has and 3 times buttons, with an integrated side-car, BLF, sip hotspot, etc. 

Q: What range can we expect from the built-in Bluetooth in X6U? 

A: Bluetooth range depends on two pieces, the phone and the accessory.  It is intended for close range use so it only comes with the standard range, 33 feet.

Q: Will there be an additional sidecar for the X6U in the future?

A: The X6U, already has 60 available keys. If one needs a sidecar beyond the capability of X6U, I would suggest the X210 model

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