Faxing is Alive and Well

March 29, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

Bill Sims over at TMC has written an intersting article titled “Fax: Still Necessary for Business, But VoIP Migration Issues Persist” where he relays an interview done by TMC’s Erik Linask with Quentin Dible, the VP of Operations for FaxBack.

Sims explains that while faxing is an important and sometimes preferred communication tool for businesses, it is often overlooked.  However based on the interview he references, lately there seems to be an increased interest in faxing, even more so than before:

“Dible agreed, saying one of the big pushes for that is when people migrate to VoIP, and they’re still dependent on fax, there are sometimes connection issues. “It’s been a huge push to make that fax machine that people still need work much better.”

More specifically, it’s a fax Analog Telephone Adaptor instead of using SIP, Dible said, to talk across the network.”

There are some fax over IP myths but it’s apparent that faxing is not a dead technology and while there may be some integration and reliability concerns, trust us, it’s possible to converge faxing with your VoIP system.   We like to recommend FaxxBochs as a highly reliable fax over IP solution.

VoIP faxing can be sensitive and may seem tricky to configure but the benefits like a single unified network, digital document archiving,  lower cost, and remote usage for areas where fax lines are unavailable can be well worth the investment for a business.

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  • Catherine DiGennaro

    Who knew right? Our fax server application actually grew out of a request from a pbx customer. And in the last 6 months we have had more requests for our product than ever! One client in Canada is doing 100k faxes in a month using our product. So definitely alive and well in the VoIP space.

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