Fax Over IP Myths

You might have heard that Fax over IP doesn't work

You might have heard that it will never work.

But before you give up on Fax over IP before you've even begun, let's talk about Fax over IP for just a minute and debunk some of the myths you may have heard.

What is Fax over IP?

Fax over IP (also known as FoIP) refers to the method and technology of sending fax documents over an IP network (local or wide area). This is different from the way faxes have traditionally been handled.

For years the sending and receiving of fax documents has been handled over the PSTN or Publicly Switched Telephone Network. With Fax over IP documents by-pass the PSTN completely.

Why Fax over IP CAN be unreliable

Over the years Fax over IP has gotten a bad wrap. It has gotten this bad wrap due to the nature of IP technology.

Since Fax over IP is reliant on an IP network it is subject to the limitations of the IP network (and IP networks in general).

This means that documents faxed over an IP network are subject to hurdles such as latency, jitter and even packet loss that is caused when digitized packets are sent across the public Internet. Typically when hurdles like these arise the result is incomplete or failed fax transmissions.

But just because Fax over IP susceptible to hurdles, does not mean that Fax over IP does not work. Nor does it mean that 100% reliable Fax over IP cannot be achieved.

Debunking Fax over IP myths

Whenever a newer technology (like Fax over IP) hits the scene and is initially faced with mixed results when implemented by users the result is lots of misinformation.

And with misinformation comes many a myth.

The same can be said for Fax over IP. With that let's take a look at some of those myths and why they are nothing more than that.

  • Fax over IP is not reliable - Fax over IP is just as reliable as traditional faxing through a PSTN line if properly engineered and implemented.
  • T.38 is the only reliable Fax over IP solution - T.38 is not the only reliable Fax over IP solution and in actuality T.38 faxing is plagued by the same hurdles other traditional Fax over IP technologies have faced.
  • Fax over IP is not secure - Fax over IP is secure as traditional faxing and can actually be more secure than traditional fax using point to point encryption.
  • Fax over IP is expensive - While successful Fax over IP does require a Fax over IP gateway (to allow fax machines to interface with an IP network) and a monthly service, for those who send a high volume of faxes using traditional LD interconnect or send faxes internationally, using Fax over IP can save a ton of money.
  • Fax over IP is not needed as fax is a dead technology - It is true that the use of fax to send and receive documents has declined in recent years, however most companies and agencies still rely on fax to send and receive their most important official documents.

Reliable Fax over IP

Okay, so you've heard the myths. You've heard that 100% reliable Fax over IP is possible.

But how?

That's a great question with a simple answer – FaxxBochs.

FaxxBochs, from RockBochs, is the worlds first 100% reliable Fax over IP solution that works with both terrestrial and satellite Internet connections. The FaxxBochs solution combines a Fax over IP gateway and a monthly service to deliver Fax over IP virtually anywhere !

Available for companies of all sizes, FaxxBochs not only enables 100% reliable Fax over IP but provides users with advanced fax document management tools. This means you not only get the same issue free fax transmissions you'd get with traditional faxing, but also get the ability to more efficiently manage your fax documents.

So don't believe the Fax over IP myths .

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