Fax Over IP for Small and Medium Businesses

Moving your SMB from analog systems to IP systems can be tough

Whether it's your phone, surveillance or alarm system you've probably encountered some hurdles and setbacks in moving your small medium business from the old world to the new.

And no system has proven time and time again to be more difficult to successfully migrate from analog to IP than fax.

The problem with Fax over IP for small medium businesses

Over the last decade faxing has taken a back seat to other forms of document transmission. While the rate at which companies like yours are sending and receiving fax has decreased, faxing is still the preferred method to send and receive mission critical documents.

In other words faxing is still a relevant and necessary technology for every business.

But as advances in technology have driven the migration of communications systems from analog to IP many have found faxing over an IP network problematic. Some of these problems experienced include:

  • Latency
  • Jitter
  • Packet Loss
  • Packet Reordering

These problems result in incomplete or even failed document transmissions - something that no business can afford given the importance of most fax documents.

Fortunately these problems are not exclusive to Fax over IP . These problems are actually due to the very nature of data transport on an IP network.

With millions and millions of tiny packets flowing through the world IP pipes at any given minute there is a highly likelihood that a packet or two will take a wrong, get lost or even fail to show up. If you're familiar with Voice over IP (VoIP) you know the same issues persist with this technology.

The benefits of Fax over IP for small medium businesses

Before getting into how the latest technology offerings have solved the issues surrounding Fax over IP let's look at why your small medium business should even be spending time figuring out a Fax over IP solution.

Assuming you have a need for faxing, you'll receive the following benefits from Fax over IP:

  • Unified network connectivity – Fax over IP leverages your existing LAN and WAN IP networks so you don't have to manage or pay for a separate analog network.
  • Advanced management – Bringing fax documents into IP realm allows for fax documents to be easily archived, sorted and emailed.
  • Lower cost – With one less network to pay for and manage there is a definitive cost savings in using Fax over IP. Fax over IP also tends to be more cost effective on a per-minute rate versus faxing over the PSTN (especially for long distance or international faxes).
  • Remote usage – There are many locations throughout the world in which a fax line cannot be provisioned. In areas such as these individuals typically rely on satellite connections, like satellite Internet, which allows faxing over IP.

Sounds good right?

Sure it does .

Who wouldn't want to decrease the number of networks one has to manage, increase their ability to manage fax documents and of course, save money!

The only question left to answer then is, “ how do I make this happen?

Let's get to that now.

100% reliable Fax over IP for small medium businesses

At this point you understand both the problem with Fax over IP and the potential benefits you'll experience in using the technology. Now it's time to tell you how you can realize those benefits without the problems others have encountered in the past.

Getting 100% reliable Fax over IP is actually pretty simple and easy if the solution is properly designed.

In order to get 100% reliable Fax over IP one needs a solution that includes:

  • A Fax over IP gateway (for interfacing analog fax machines with your IP network)
  • A dedicated Fax over IP service built on a dedicated fax network.

One such company offering that solution is RockBochs and the product is called FaxxBochs.

FaxxBochs gives small medium businesses 100% reliable Fax over IP

FaxxBochs combines a Fax over IP gateway and a monthly service to deliver Fax over IP with 100% reliability over both terrestrial and satellite Internet connections.

Plus Faxxbochs provides users with advanced fax document management tools. This means you not only get the same issue free fax transmissions you'd get with traditional faxing, but also get the ability to more efficiently manage your fax documents.

So don't let problems get in the way of the benefits of Fax over IP for your small medium business.

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