First Look: QuickPhones QA-342 Wireless IP Phone

October 14, 2008 by Garrett Smith

The QuickPhones QA-342 has been mentioned recently on the VoIP Insider, and we are getting closer to the general release of the product.

Having worked with a variety of wireless SIP endpoints in the past, from vendors including UTStarCom, Hitachi, Zyxel and others….we know that consumers want mobility options but most, if not all the “1st generation” 802.11b/g SIP handsets had some annoying inconsistences. The QuickPhones QA-342 addresses some of these inadequacies, and we think the product has a lot of upside.

QuickPhones QA-342

The QA-342 supports WiFi protocol(s) 802.11b and 802.11g. WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption and WiFi Protected Setup are standard. The QA-342 offers support for SIP v2 (RFC 3261), Stun / RTP Proxy (NAT Transversal), and supports up to four unique SIP Profiles. G.711 codec is standard and G.729 will be available.

The QA-342 features sound build quality and compact design. A backlit, 112 X 64 Pixel LCD display and rubberized, tactile keypad contribute to ease of use.

QA-342 Phone features include:

– Phonebook
– Call history
– WLAN signal strength level
– Battery level
– Caller ID
– Key Lock
– Contacts
– Clock
– Up to 6 languages
– Auto search & association upto 4 APs

The QuickPhones QA-342 has tested well in our lab against Asterisk, Trixbox, Elastix and FreeSwitch. the phone has a unique “power saver” mode which extends battery performance pretty dramatically, offering up to 14 hours of talk time and 7 days of standby.












QuickPhones is also working on a feature release for the QA-342 which will allow it to support “Push to Talk” capabilities, not unlike the Nextel “Walkie Talkie” functionality that most of us are familiar with. You will be able to create single or multiple extension call groups for push-to-talk instant voice messaging.







We are still tracking for late October availability on this product which looks very promising.


  • Mike Dickey

    I received my QA-342 today and it’s not playing well with my Asterisk server. It dials out fine, but appears to completely ignore any INVITE requests coming to the phone — hence it never rings. Would you post the SIP configuration that you managed to get work for your lab tests? Mine is quite simple:


  • I got in the hand yesterday the QuickPhones QA341 , although I guess I was unaware of the difference of the 341 and 342 apparently one has a charging cradle and the other does not. I think the salesman should have pointed this out when my associate placed the order for nearly 800 dollars, and my associate would have seen the benefit, and spent the extra 10 dollars.

    I too have seen problems with inbound calls!

    I am using a somewhat odd peer to Perer configuration and IP dialing0 , but my UTStarcom Wifi.GSM phone fresponded perfectly to the same inbound calls that the quick Phones would not. After some fumbling I was able to get it to work, but there are not a lot of options on this phone as in many.

    I have been unable to locate a relevant web site where I might find foirmware for this phone and even asking the sales associate at VoIP Supply , that part of my email was not responded to.

  • how soon before the roaming problem between access points is fixed

  • Vadym Babych

    I am having the same issue – no inbound calls. Other softphones seem to do fine when connecting to the same sip account, and ring when called the DID number. This phone just declines, however. Does anyone know what the issue / resolution is? If so can you please post? Much appreciated.

  • Eugene DeVries

    I am also having trouble with roaming between access points and when I called QuickPhone they deny there is a problem

  • Yogesh Bhardwaj

    We had purchased 10 QuickPhone.These phones are well configured with our SIP server and i am able to make call to other USER (Inter CUG and OUT SIDE NETWORK)
    but i am not able communicate each other through QuickPhone.
    Please suggest us some setting so that we can start comercial

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