From Analog to IP Paging

June 1, 2010 by Darren Hartman

As one of the senior sales representatives at VoIP Supply I field numerous calls each day from folks like you who are looking to migrate to a VoIP phone system. It is such an exciting time to be in this industry and to have the opportunity to help businesses understand all of the savings and benefits they can achieve by installing a VoIP phone system.

From your start-up operation out of a small office on a tight budget to your Fortune 500, it seems like just about everyone is now making the switch. But no matter the size and scope of the deployment, most businesses that I speak with fail to consider how some of their other communications systems are impacted by making the switch to VoIP.

That’s why once we dive into setting up a VoIP phone system solution the conversation always goes into other technology solutions too.

One of the other communications systems I always inquire about is paging…and the conversation usually start with a talk about what is already installed at the premise.

Normally businesses will not even think about what they are going to do with that analog paging system that has been there for so long. Others still have not even considered the benefits that paging can bring to their operation.

Most of the time their first response to questions about paging is pose is silence 😉

For most, the thought of ripping all of the wire, speakers and amplifiers that come with their existing system can seem quite daunting. For others, the thought of spending additional money can be met with objections.

Whether you have an existing paging system or you’ve just been asked to consider an IP paging system to go with your new VoIP System, you shouldn’t fret.

Today there are numerous solutions available from the likes of company like CyberData which make IP paging simple and very beneficial. From paging gateways to IP enable analog paging systems to full blown IP based speakers and amplifiers, paging has come a long way the last few years.

Regardless of your situation, just take a look at the benefits of IP paging for your business:

  • shared network infrastructure
  • lower installation and implementation costs
  • seamless integration into existing networks including legacy analog wiring
  • simple installation and configuration
  • scalable to intercoms and paging stations — locally, regionally or globally
  • remote control and simple end-point expansion in intercom systems
  • software based zone management in paging systems

Now obviously there are others and you should never make a decision about a communications system based off a single blog post. But you should be able to get a better idea of why IP paging is something you should be considering if you’re not already.


  • one of my clients is getting new VoIP system using existing structured cabling in the building, how ever my client wants the existing analog or digital pagingsystem stay like it is right now, my client is afraid that if the new VoIP system crash total he , he needs to be able to use the existing analog paging sysstem thanks

  • Thanks for sharing information with , I will return every day to read more.

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