GrandCentral Now Interoperable With Gizmo Project

February 22, 2007 by Garrett Smith

Now This is a next generation voice partnership

GrandCentral, the company that allows your single phone number to have unique features and control capabilities, and Gizmo Project, the popular SIP business VoIP service have announced that their services are fully interoperable.

So What’s The Scope?

GrandCentral customers can now designate their free Gizmo Project profile ID as a destination numbers which will ring on their personal computers or select next generation Nokia dual mode Nseries mobile phone or Internet Tablet, whenever a call comes into their GrandCentral number.

Prior to this announcement, their was no way to link your Gizmo Project profile id to your GrandCentral account. This new capability will also allow Gizmo Project users to recieve free calls directly from the PSTN. Not only does this interoperability further the functionality of Gizmo Project, it also eliminates the need for Gizmo Project users to purchase a seperate DID for their Gizmo project account, a savings of around $35. Not too shabby!

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