How to Integrate Analog and Non-Compatible IP Paging Systems to Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

September 27, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

As the number of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business users grows exponentially in recent years, many customers are looking for ways to integrate their existing analog and non-certified SIP paging and access control endpoints to these platforms. Let’s take a look at the challenges and how we can help to solve them.

Challenge: Your Paging End-Points Are Not Certified

The biggest challenge is that analog end-points can not be certified for a SIP-based platform like Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

And for SIP based IP Paging/Access Control products, very few vendors are certified because Skype for Business does VoIP over User Datagram Protocol (UDP) instead of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which means these IP endpoints must be designed specifically to support the platform.

Solution: Patton’s SmartNode Gateways and eSBCs 

Luckily, there’s a perfect solution for this! Patton’s SmartNode Gateways and eSBC are certified with Skype for Business. They can convert analog Paging Systems and endpoints to Skye for Business (SfB) certified SIP connectivity to the Microsoft environment. The units can also act as a bridge between standard, non-compliant, SIP Systems and endpoints to interoperate with Skype for Business.

Using your existing amplifiers, speakers, specialized end-points and wired infrastructure is easy with Patton’s SmartNode solutions and it can really save you a fortune!

Additionally, in the case of standard SIP-based systems, using Patton SmartNodes gateways also means these devices can be addressed by Skype for Business together with other SIP based communication platforms.

Learn more about Patton’s SmartNode Gateways and eSBCs on our website or give our VoIP experts a call at 1-800-398-8647 today!

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