How to: Protect Our Community with Alyssa’s Law

November 29, 2023 by rjohnson

Every second counts when faced with life-threatening emergencies, especially in terms of public safety. Alyssa’s Law, a groundbreaking piece of legislation, addresses the critical issue of law enforcement response time during crises, recognizing that time is synonymous with precious human life in these dire situations. 

The primary objective of Alyssa’s Law is to advocate for the implementation of discrete panic alarm systems that seamlessly interface with law enforcement agencies. These systems are designed to bridge the gap between the occurrence of an emergency and the prompt arrival of law enforcement on the scene. By doing so, the law aims to expedite the neutralization of threats. Educational institutions benefit greatly from the implementation of this law, contributing to the overall well-being and sense of security within our communities. 

A brand new innovative solution is CyberData’s 011049 SIP Call Button, a device designed to connect individuals directly to law enforcement during critical emergencies. This discrete button not only triggers a silent alarm but also sends a visual alert via multicast to strobes, ensuring that help is on the way without escalating the situation. This technology complies with Alyssa’s Law, providing communities with a vital tool to enhance their safety and some peace of mind.

At the heart of Alyssa’s Law is the recognition that in moments of crisis, the ability to alert authorities swiftly and clearly can make all the difference. This law ultimately will aid in saving lives in moments of crisis, whether it be in schools, hospitals, and more. CyberData’s 011049 SIP Call Button can be mounted under a desk or in any discrete location. Press the button and it automatically makes a call to a pre-set emergency phone number. This button has a web-based setup, is PoE-powered, has a call progress light, and more.

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