It seems like my love for the internet and its importance in my daily life is growing all the time.  No question now as a new survey and recent announcement by a major cable company affirm these fuzzy feelings.

The Internet Phone Calls survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project has found that nearly 25% of online American adults have made internet phone calls.  This marks a significant increase since the last time this study was done in 2007 when only 8% of users were making online calls.

VoIP use is up, making complete sense that Time Warner Cable is considering dropping it’s “Triple Play” bundled package of cable, internet, and digital phone in favor of a standalone broadband internet plan. 

Time Warner Cable’s chief executive Glenn Britt substantiates sentiments that the internet is just too painful to live without:  “People are telling us that if they were down to their last dollar, they’d drop broadband last.”

VoIP use is up as internet becomes a household staple and a service provider has noticed.  Can we get more attractive broadband deals now?



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