New VoIP Hardware At VON; Coming to VoIP Supply’s Shelves Soon

March 18, 2008 by Garrett Smith

Benjamin Sayers, Cory Andrews, Arthur Miller and I are all here at the Spring VON show in San Jose this week and today we got a chance to tour the exhibit hall floor and check out some of the new hardware that will be coming to the shelves at VoIP Supply in the next few weeks.

Here is a rundown of the products that should quickly become top sellers:

1. Linksys WIP310 – This a new SIP based WiFi phone from Linksys. It comes with a slick color screen and it 802.11/g compliant.

2. SwitchVox AA60 Appliance – Digium owned SwitchVox announced their new SwitchVox appliance which will replace their tower design that is currently in distribution later this month. It is designed to meet the needs of the small business and seems to be their response to the trixbox appliance.

3. Aastra Astralink 160 – Based on a Asterisk, Aastra has released their own phone system that seems to replace their own VentureIP phone system that was very popular a few years back. Basic in features, much of the call control and configuration is done on the handset, not the phone system. Set-up to deployment in about 5 minutes.

4. IP EVO Xing – Old Skype hardware, new strategy. According to the folks a IP EVO the once Skype only USB conferencing solution will be re-released in the next two months as an pen SIP based product. When it was available, it was a popular item. Look for demand to quadruple when it comes in an “open” version.

5. Zyxel SIP DECT – Zyxel had two different SIP DECT solutions on hand at their both. Neither of them where yet available, but they looked slick and had robust feature sets. More to come on this.

Look for more from us on these exciting new products in the very near future.

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