IP Camera Supply has partnered with Celergy Networks, Inc. of Carlsbad, Calif.  The partnership will allow IP Camera Supply to extend its current regional installation footprint nationwide through Celergy’s network of over 4,000 installer partners, allowing IP Camera Supply to continue its rapid growth without geographic limitations.  In addition to installation services, Celergy will also enable IP Camera Supply to provide customers with comprehensive site surveys and solutions analysis.

“We are very excited about the partnership with Celergy,” said Cory Andrews, Director of New Business Initiatives. “After months of conducting research to find an installation partner with an established field engineering staff and efficient tools to manage the installation process, we decided Celergy’s offerings best fit the needs of IP Camera Supply customers.  Celergy’s core IP Video knowledge was also a huge plus for us.”

IP Camera Supply’s current process for installation includes a comprehensive site survey and analysis to determine optimal IP camera placement and will now include other site-specific details such as the mounting and configuration of IP cameras. These services will now be available for customers across the country with the assistance of Celergy. This means that any customer, regardless of geographic location, will be eligible to receive all of the physical installation services that IP Camera Supply provides regionally; making IP Camera Supply one of the few IP Surveillance solution providers that can effectively meet the needs of customers across the country.



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