Release the Kraken

For the last year and a half there has been talk of a Polycom USB camera that will work with the Polycom VVX 500 multimedia VoIP phone. With stories of details and release dates changing over time it had become something of folklore like you’d expect to hear a weathered sailor spurt about a chance encounter with the Kraken or a mermaid. For the longest time it did just seem like it was nothing more than a myth, but unlike those fabled sea creatures the Polycom VVX Camera does exist and we have photos and datasheets.

Polycom VVX Camera

Announced towards the end of 2012 the Polycom VVX Camera is a 720p USB camera that will work with both the Polycom VVX 500 and the newer Polycom VVX 600 multimedia VoIP phones. With the VVX Camera you can convert either of the VVX phones from desktop phones to desktop video conferencing phones.

Being designed specifically to work with Polycom VVX phones the VVX Camera features true plug-and-play installation. There is no need for compatibility checks, drivers or specialized software to make it work with the phones. As a USB camera the VVX Camera will be powered off the host phone eliminating the need for additional power cables and wiring.

Most importantly the Polycom VVX Camera makes video conferencing easier and more accessible by having one desktop device that can be used for both voice and video calls. This makes it easier to add video conferencing companywide whether employees work from an office, a cubicle or directly from their homes.

Polycom VVX Bundles

Polycom VVX Camera and VVX Multimedia Phones Bundles

In anticipation of the launch of the VVX Camera VoIP Supply is offering a special on our new Polycom VVX 500 and VVX Camera Bundle and Polycom VVX 600 and VVX Camera Bundle. Place a pre-order for either Polycom VVX Camera bundle between now or the release of the Polycom VVX Camera and receive Free FedEx Ground Shipping* on your bundle order.

*Free shipping applies to orders shipping within the Contiguous United States



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