Q&A Session for Sangoma’s Zulu Webinar

February 20, 2018 by Ying-Hui Chen

Today’s Sangoma Cloud 9 Zulu webinar was a success! We had a lot of great interactions. If you missed the webinar, we hope you can join the upcoming Cloud 9 webinars! We’d also like to share the Q&A session with all of you who may have the same questions.

Q1: Is SMS only available while using SIP Station?

Answer: Either SIPStation or PBXact Cloud

Q2: Is there a way to hide the SMS button if you’re not using SIPSTATION?

Answer: If it is showing up, you need to disable it under the user or group in the Admin Panel

Q3: What is the charges for Zulu when not using PBXact?

Answer: The following can be stacked together to get the number you need. Ie. 40 users can purchase 2 x 20 user packs.

  • 20 user (1 year license) – $199
  • 1000 user (1 year license) – $1999
  • 20 user (25 year license) – $399
  • 1000 user (25 year license) – $3999

Q4: Is there an estimated date for the Beta period to end and the version release will be offered?

Answer: We are expecting to leave Beta in 4-6 weeks.

Q5: With the chat functionality being written on top of Let’s Chat, is the full API functionality of Let’s Chat available?

Answer: Good catch… I may not have heard of it, but that is what our devs are using. They think in the future they will have a documented API that you can use, but that is not a guarantee.

Q6: Can admins view interactions for other accounts, including previous calls, chats (including messages), etc.?

Answer: We do not have admin audibility at this time.

More Questions? Contact Brian Hyrek at [email protected] or 716-531-4318!

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