Soundpoint IP 560 failed to negotiate 1GB with my Cisco Meraki switch

October 4, 2017 by Ying-Hui Chen

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Soundpoint IP 560 failed to negotiate 1GB with my Cisco Meraki switch

Q: I purchased a Soundpoint IP 560 refurb from you about a year ago. Since I started using it, it’s intermittently failed to negotiate 1GB with my (Cisco Meraki) switch. Now, it always fails. I tested my cable (tests fine) and swapped for another cable, didn’t make any difference – seems to be the phone.

As a workaround, I forced the switch port to 1GB rather than auto-negotiate, which seems to work. I would prefer not to have a one-off custom setting on this switch port. Is this something firmware might fix? Or could it be a bad phone?

A: I would recommend upgrading the firmware to the latest first and then test.

Here is the link to upgrade your firmware to your Polycom Soundpoint IP560:

Check which firmwares are supported for your phone here:

Here’s a list of available firmwares:


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