Have you ever wondered how many people use the phone in a hotel room each day and how filthy it is? When vacationers and travelers check in and out of their hotel on a daily basis, so do their germs.

Studies show that 80 percent of all infections are spread through contact, especially areas that are touched by multiple people – Phones.

It’s no fun for your guests to get a cold during their stay or for your staff to get sick while on duty. However, even with an efficient housekeeping staff, it’s still very difficult to eradicate all the germs that yesterday’s guests left behind. And that’s where VTech phones come into play.


VTech Bacteria-Resistant Hotel Phones Add a Layer of Protection

VTech phones are manufactured with anti-bacterial plastic to help you reduce the spread of common bacteria-causing illnesses.

What’s so special about this plastic layer? The plastic contains Zeomic®, an inorganic antibacterial agent that uses silver and other ions to prevent the growth and migration of bacteria, mold, and fungus. With this FDA, EPA, and NSF approved material, everyone has an added layer of protection and peace of mind!

See the chart here that illustrates the results of a test conducted using a VTech phone sample by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Ltd.


Learn more about the bacteria-resistant VTech phones here and start protecting your guests and staff today!


vsp736September 12, 2017 – Edgewater Networks, a market leader in enabling IP-based voice, video and data services, announced that they have certified their Network Edge Orchestration platform with the VTech ErisTerminal® SIP desk phones and ErisStation® SIP conference phones. The certified models include the VSP736, VP608, VSP600, VSP726, VSP715, and VCS 754 in a Broadsoft®-hosted environment.

The VTech ErisTerminal VoIP Desktop phones and ErisStation conference phones are high quality, cost effective devices that are compatible with hosted and open-source PBX systems.

“Our certification with Edgewater Networks will help bring our joint customers a more optimized experience with increased productivity in virtually any workplace,” says Ernie Levenson, president, VTech Communications, Inc.“VTech SIP phones ensure businesses experience clear and crisp desk and conference calls.”

It’s exciting to see this great collaboration that brings greater value to both VTech and Edgewater Network users! We look forward to seeing how this certification benefits our customers!

bicom-logoJuly 12th, 2017 – Bicom Systems announced that they have completed the certification of four ErisTerminal SIP phones with VTech Communications, Inc. This certification guarantees full interoperability of four VTecg ErisTerminal SIP phones with Bicom System’s upcoming release of PBXware 4.1.2 including:

“Our diverse product portfolio scales from small offices to enterprise level corporations,” said Ernie Levenson, President of VTech Communications, Inc.. “We’re excited PBXware users will have access to a wide range of offerings that add flexibility and increase productivity in the workplace.”

We are excited to see this great cooperation between Bicom System and VTech Communications. Look forward to seeing how this benefit our customers and partners!

Recently, we have received an inquiry from one of our customers looking for a solution that provides an easy way to transfer calls. If you have the same demand, you will find this blog post useful!

How to Transfer Callsvtech-vsp600

Most of the DECT/ Wireless/ Cordless solutions on the market allow users to transfer calls through their menu to an extension/number. However, this process takes extra time to go through the menu and select “transfer”. Some cordless phones’ transfer functions are even buried deeply somewhere else, which causes inconvenience to many busy users who need to transfer calls multiple times a day.

Is there s Simple Way to Transfer Calls?

Yes, there is. One possible solution would be using a deskphone instead, as most of the corded phones provide a simple transfer key. I know what you are going to say – well, that defeats the purpose of having a wireless phone at first! So, instead of going with a deskphone and sacrifice your freedom away from your desk, there’s a better option for you – VTech ErisTerminla VSP600.

Luckily, with the ErisTerminal VSP600, transferring calls is an easy piece. Simply use the “Transfer” key right on the lower-left of the screen. VTech offers popular wireless and easy-to-use solutions. I hope this solves your communication headache!

The VoIP industry continues to explode with growth globally and the results are big news updates from some of the top players in the Voice over Internet Protocol space.  VoIP Supply is North America’s leading VoIP solutions provider and brings you the latest news in VoIP!

VoIP Supply Marketing Supervisor Mary Cheney reveals some big VoIP news regarding Vtech’s acquisition of Snom, the new WiFi access point released by Grandstream (GWN7610), VoIP Supply’s big win at Nextcon16 and more.

This VoIP News Update also includes your chance to win a Plantronics Voyager Edge! Click for details on how to enter the Plantronics Voyager Edge sweepstakes. (Spoiler Alert: These details are at point 3:40 in the video above!)



VoIP Supply has some new phone options with VTech conference, VoIP and DECT phones.

What Is It?

VTech is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless telephones and electronic learning toys for children.

They were founded in 1976 and pride themselves with providing high quality devices that are cost effective and innovative.

Right now we’re offering:

VTech ErisStation Wireless Conference Phone

  • The VTech VCS704 ErisStation Conference Phone is a 2-line analog phone
  • PBX/PSTN compatibility
  • Features wireless DECT 6.0 microphones with Orbitlink Wireless technology, dynamic noise reduction, and automatic gain control to normalize audio levels

VTech ErisTerminal VoIP Phones

  • The VTech ErisTerminal VSP725 is an entry-level Power over Ethernet (PoE) VoIP phone
  • 3-SIP lines and HD Voice
  • The ErisTerminal VSP735 is the 5-Line version with a larger backlit display.
  • Both phones have built-in DECT 6.0 radio that can be paired with VTech cordless headsets

VTech ErisTerminal Cordless DECT Phones

  • The VTech ErisTerminal VSP600 is a 6-line DECT SIP phone
  • Base station can be expanded up to 6 total cordless handsets
  • Each additional handset can be assigned its own unique phone number or extension to expand call coverage

Who Is It For?

Need flexibility?

Do you like to walk and talk with your office phone as you roam your warehouse?

Wish you didn’t have to huddle around your conference phone like a campfire on a cold night?

The DECT capabilities of the wireless microphones included with VTech’s VCS704 conference phone allows you and your co-workers to spread out around a room, allowing you to hook up the conference phone base unit wherever it’s most convenient.

VTech DECT handsets provide mobile communication within your office so you can walk away from your desk and still stay connected.

VTech phones also come with a standard 2-year warranty backed by 20 years of handset experience.


  • ErisStation Wireless Conference Phone:  $499
  • ErisTerminal VoIP Phones:  $99 to $159
  • ErisTerminal Cordless DECT Phones:  $79 to $149


VTech phones are available right now. Click here to shop all VTech phone options or call 800-398-8647 to speak with a friendly VoIP Engineer.