This Week In VoIP

May 18, 2007 by Garrett Smith

Stories From Around The Net That You Might Have Missed

  • Is Skype a Telco? – Martin seems to think so. I disagree. Skype is much more than just a way to make a call. Sure there are issues with third party interoperability and their closed system, but just because a company wants to keep their technology in a “black box” does not mean they should be classified as a dinosaur.
  • Sony PSP Now With JAJAH – JAJAH is everywhere these days, and Andy points us to a story on how Sony is now shipping PSP units with JAJAH pre-loaded. This is sure to open the technology up to a whole new generation of users.
  • Communications Developer Conference a Huge Success – Kudos to the folks at TMC for what looked like (and from what those who attended have told me) to be one of the best conferences of the year. Sorry that I missed it. If only they would unchain me from my desk…
  • How to Start Your Own VoIP Provider – This is a great story by VoIP Now on how to get into the VoIP game. Don’t forget your VoIP Equipment or if your looking to become a VoIP affiliate, this VoIP Equipment Affiliate Program.
  • Ten Best VoIP Widgets and Mashups – Awesome compilation of the best of the best when it comes to VoIP widgets and mashups. My favorite? GizmoCall!

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