Use Polycom VVX Phones in a Loud Environment with the Algo 8180

September 26, 2016 by Brian Hyrek

As a VoIP consultant, I get a lot of calls from customers each day asking for recommended solutions that can fit the needs of their business.

Recently, I have received questions from customers using Polycom VVX phones in loud work environments such as warehouses, restaurants and machine shops, where they can’t hear the ringtones, resulting in missing important calls. If you are facing the same issue, you may find the following solution useful.


Hear Loud and Clear with the Algo 8180 Alerter

8180To reduce the missed calls in a noisy or large site, we recommend you use this straightforward solution – The Algo 8180 Audio Alerter with the Algo 1506 Polycom Ring Detector.

The Algo 8180 is a SIP compliant PoE speaker designed for voice paging, loud ringing, and emergency notification.

With its high-efficient amplifier and loudspeaker, the Algo 8180 is able to generate 8 times louder tone than a normal telephone ringer.

2506The Algo 8180’s most useful features include:

  • Dual purpose loud ringing and talkback voice paging
  • SoudSure ambient noise compensation adjusts output for noise level
  • Selectable alert tones
  • PoE eliminates local power supply
  • More

Instead of adding an extension or “seat” to the noisy site, you can simply pair the Algo 8180 with the Algo 2506 detector which detects the audio from the headset jack and actives 8180 alerter directly without using SIP.


Common Setup


A basic, common setup is to have the Algo 2506 detector connect to both your Polycom VVX phone and the Algo 8180 audio alerter. When an incoming call is received by the Polycom VVX phone, the detector will trigger the audio alerter to amplify the ringtone.

You can also add an optional visual alerter or a horn speaker to work with the 8180 Audio Alerter. In this way, even when you can’t hear the ringtone, you can “see” it.

What’s your solution of using Polycom VVX phone in a loud environment? We want to know!

Follow the links for more information:

The Algo 8180 Product Sheet


  • Mike Wiley

    We have a Skype for Business Server 2015 environment with Polycom VVX 501 phones. We have two child care centers (for employees children) and are using paging on the VVX 501s, but in a class room with loud children, the highest volume setting isn’t loud enough. We only have one cat6 cable to each VVX501. looking for a way to provide higher speaker volume for VVX 501 paging. Thanks.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for contacting us! I have assigned Brian Hyrek to help you with your paging needs. He will be in contact shortly. I included his contact information here for your convenience: [email protected]

      Thank you,

  • Scott Fleckinger

    I am using polycom VVX 500 phones and I need an external ringer and a PA paging speaker to use in the large part of an auto repair shop. Can you help? Thanks

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks for reaching out. You can email our support at: [email protected] and our team will be happy to assist. Thank you!


  • Joel

    Hi, does this solution work with the polycom VVX 411 phones?

    • Hi Joel,

      Thanks for leaving us a comment. Yes, this Algo 8180 solution will work ith VVX 411.

      Thank you,

  • Shaun

    Im trying to set up the Algo 8180 G2 with Polycom VVX 311 phones using the Algo 2506 Polycom Ring Detector … I simply have no idea what I’m doing and hope someone can give me some direction? I need to install these in 40 restaurants once I figure out the setup process. Thanks!

    • Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for reaching out! Our team will be contacting you shortly to help out. Meanwhile, if you have hardware questions, you can submit a technical support ticket here:

      Thank you,

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