Using Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones with Asterisk PBX

September 23, 2009 by Garrett Smith

Polycom Asterisk

Most or our readers are likely familiar with Asterisk Open Source PBX, but for those of you who aren’t, Polycom has recently put together an easy to follow technical bulletin on using their SoundPoint IP Phones with Asterisk.

This document covers all the basics of integrating Polycom IP phones with your Asterisk PBX. Key topics covered in this bulletin include:

    • Creating a Basic Configuration
    • Using the Messages key
    • Adding Line Busy lamps

  • Enabling Auto-Answer for Intercom
  • Paging a Group of Extensions
  • Using the Call Park Feature
  • Using the Transfer Key
  • Configuring Idle Display Bitmaps
  • Remotely Rebooting the Phone to Force a Configuration Reload
  • Removing Configuration Overrides
  • Enabling CDP
  • Creating VLANs

If you are already using Polycom IP phones with Asterisk or not, no doubt this is an excellent resource. You can grab it below.

Using Polycom Phones With Asterisk


  • Victor

    The PDF contains figures (screenshots) that have been intentionally distorted. Is there any other documentation that clearly shows these figures?

  • It’s not been distorted, just a character encoding problem. Google to the rescue! Here’s their ‘Quick View’ of the same document:

  • olugbenga

    pls i would like to know if theres a polycom sales partner in nigeria.i am currently working with UNIDATA ip PHONES. i’d like to use polycom for my current project

  • rajendra

    Anybody give me some hints about asterisk and polycom how to configure it….

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