Video Conferencing Solutions Now Available at VoIP Supply

May 10, 2010 by Garrett Smith

If you don’t know it already or can’t tell from my posts I talk a lot.

More precisely I communicate a lot.

From face-to-face meetings, phone calls, emails and text messages more than half of my waking hours are spent communicating.

And recently, I’ve added a new hammer to my communications tool box – Video conferencing.

Whether I’m leveraging the Polycom HDX 8002 video conferencing system in our training room or desktop video calling using Skype and a web camera, video conferencing has helped me become a more efficient and profitable employee.

I no longer have to travel to EVERY meeting. I can foster better relationships and collaboration with the  Manufacturers we represent. And I can now tell when someone’s snoozing on  a call 🙂

Now you can too.

I was supposed to keep this quiet until Wednesday, but I can’t keep quiet any longer. Video conferencing equipment is now available at VoIP Supply.

Look for more on video conferencing solutions from the likes of Polycom, FREETALK, Grandstream and others over the coming weeks as VoIP Supply brings together voice and video for the first time.

In the mean time, check out the following articles to get you primed for what’s to come:

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  • yahya

    i like to work with u in this business if videoconferencing
    can u send price and list so can start business

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