Benefits of Video Conferencing

There are many benefits to Video Conferencing. I do not need to tell you about the joys of video conferencing because I already did in “How Does Video Conferencing Work.” I want to show you how to get more out of your investment. We all know that travel costs are on the rise and that our carbon footprint equals impending enviro-doom, and did you know that you can bring resolution to issues you did not even know you had? What about opportunity cost – that is the true slow leak in your corporate budget.

Who would benefit from Video Conferencing? Everyone… Really. I welcome the challenge of presenting a business situation where Video Conferencing cannot enhance, improve, or replace the current set-up. See below for contact information.

Video Conferencing is a profit-padding powerhouse, and if you are not using it – at all or to its fullest – you are leaving revenue on the table and untouched. Are you getting the most out of your business communications? Below, I have compiled solutions by industry. I avoided overlap – such as with pre-employment interviews and remote workers, so be sure to read the entire article.

Spoiler Alert! Many solutions include video calls with clients and colleagues who do not have Video Conferencing. This is an easy and inexpensive add-on to your solution that costs nothing to the far-end user.

Examples by Industry


Video Conferencing lets you keep your clients at home - this will eliminate the “I left it at home” issues. People keep records on their computers, and financial institutions keep records available through the secure internet. With Video Conferencing, you and your client can data-share important documents and online financial information as needed without the headache of printouts and incorrect documentation.


Bring the world into the classroom through Video Conferencing. Host special guests specific to lesson plans – like an architect to show your Math class that the Pythagorean theory really is useful. Have a super-fun career day with actual astronauts, doctors, and zoologists. Keep long-term illness children in school remotely.


How many times has a parent called the pediatrician in the middle of the night and attempted to describe the physical effects of an illness – how big, exactly, is the rash? With Video Conferencing the physician-on-call can gauge just how serious the red throat is before sending his tiniest patients to the Emergency Room. Also, physicians can reach remote and immobile patients who have a basic cable or DSL internet connection in full HD when they cannot get to the doctor. Doctors can also reach-out to Specialists and consult with colleagues while with the patient to avoid passing-off patients and risk interruption in care.

Higher Education

Conduct college interviews with multiple staff and without the travel. Offer more collaboration to your students with special guest professors, industry-specific mentoring, and thesis interviewing with Video Conferencing.


Adjusters can take video images of scenes involved with claims. Eliminate the need to take pictures and risk missing that crucial angle by opting-for video. With Video Conferencing, you can also interview claimants in separate locations without major scheduling conflicts.

IT Firms/ Tech Support

Forget the phone frustration – have your clients show you the problem. You can see for yourself if the unit is powered-on without having to ask them and risk the offense.


Record client depositions and witness interviews, even at a distance, with Video Conferencing. Witnesses can take the stand at a safe and protected distance. Children can testify in custody hearings in the comfort of their own homes, Dangerous defendants can take the stand while still secured in jail. High-profile defendants can take the stand safely without exposure to outside threats.


Forget the 3-D software; put the prototype on camera so your colleagues, investors, and clients can see it in action.

Private Investigation

Report to your clients and get directives in real-time with HD video and data-transmission.


The brightest minds are widely dispersed over the planet. Your research should not be limited by time and space - collaborate face-to-face on demand. Share focus group activity visually and avoid subjective misinterpretations.

Search and Rescue

When disaster strikes, people need to spring into action. Do not wait for the specialist to jump on a plane while lives are at stake. Survey damage immediately before it worsens. Consult with engineers, rescue-specialists, and physicians. Connect with family and friends after rescue to ease the risk of PTSD.


This is generally the field in which the use of Video Conferencing is expected. Besides conducting meetings and job interviews, businesses can host client presentations, consult with experts, and meet with investors. What is your company’s sick child policy? Your employees can work from home and not miss the whiteboard activity of the morning meeting.

Virtual Employees

With Video Conferencing you can have one desk attendant for several company locations. Multicast your attendant’s image, and visitors will be greeted with a consistent friendly face.