VoIP Supply at the MOBOTIX 2014 East Coast National Partner Conference

April 28, 2014 by Taylor Hamp

The VoIP Supply President, Paula Griffo, and I just got back from the MOBOTIX East Coast Partner Conference on Friday and are we excited where this security company is going!

VOIP Supply and MOBOTIX have had a beautiful relationship for years. When the MOBOTIX Partner Program went into effect last year, VoIP Supply was immediately an Advanced Partner. We’ve been trained on the products and we can get directly on the phone with MOBOTIX, which is a huge benefit to you, our customers.

Ralf Hinkle

Dr. Ralf Hinkle, MOBOTIX Founder

If you’re not familiar with MOBOTIX, they are a full solution surveillance company. Dr. Ralf Hinkle founded the company back in 1999 in Germany by building a DVR directly into an IP camera. This decentralized system was revolutionary, and since then MOBOTIX has grown to a worldwide presence. MOBOTIX IP cameras are incredibly robust with an average 9 year life span (IP65/IP66 rated housing and no moving parts are to thank for that), include on-board storage, on-board video processing, feature remote access and control, and include free software and upgrades for life. There’s no licensing required, often times no extra mounting is required (sometimes there is, but not often), and remote controller apps for your mobile devices are free.

MOBOTIX event Display

MOBOTIX Cameras are both sophisticated and simple. Much like Apple vs a PC, MOBOTIX IP cameras are different from other IP cameras you may be accustomed to. MOBOTIX cameras look different, they install different, they run different, and the software is different. However, once you take the time to learn the product, familiarize yourself with the features, and hold a device for the first time, you’ll be hooked for life. These are quality products and if you’re building to last, MOBOTIX is exactly what you want.


MOBOTIX is a unique blend of the security department and the IT department, and if you’re techy, you’ll love it as much as we do. These cameras run over a SIP network. MOBOTIX advertises that their cameras specifically work with Grandstream IP Phones, who just so happens to be one of VoIP Supply’s Top 5 VoIP Phone companies. That these two vendors are compatible with one another makes us very happy, because that means we can build a better solution for you.

Jorg Steuerwald, Director of Projects

Jorg Steuerwald, Director of Projects

The MOBOTIX East Coast Conference itself was a great event. As you can see, there were plenty of MOBOTIX products for us to snap pictures of and get our hands on. The image clarity from the new lineup of cameras and lenses were incredible. The best display was undoubtedly the MOBOTIX MX-M15D-Thermal, which was aimed at everyone with both a color sensor image module and thermal sensor image module so we could see ourselves normally as well as our body heat signature. Even when the lighting (lux) was low in the evenings, the color image was still fantastic. The most recent 5 MP lens sensor modules for the x15 series have really stepped up in the game with image clarity, motion capture, and low lighting situations; Paula and I were very impressed with what we saw.

While it’s still too soon to announce a few upcoming releases, it’s certainly safe to claim that MOBOTIX is future-proof. Paula and I got a chance to see what new products and software are yet to come and we couldn’t be more satisfied. MOBOTIX’s eyes are set solely on the future, and they’re building security products that will be ready to mingle as the technological world consumes our everyday lives. Even at the conference, everyone was tied to their laptops and phones as emergencies popped up that needed to be addressed immediately, which proves just how much technology is now involved in practically every waking moment. MOBOTIX has been seeing this for years. Instead of fighting it, they’ve embraced it, and once everything is official, I think you’re going to be really excited about what solutions they have to offer.

Frankly, it’s exciting to see a company so focused on blending a security solution into an existing network, as well as having it ready to integrate with whatever else may come our way. MOBOTIX isn’t just trying to keep up, they’re blazing a trail in their own industry that is right on par with all other technologies. It’s brilliant, it’s usable, and VoIP Supply is proud to be a part of their team!

VoIP Supply and MOBOTIX

Left to Right: Rob Millar MOBOTIX BDM, Paula Griffo VoIP Supply President and CFO, Steve Gorski MOBOTIX General Manager of the Americas, Taylor Hamp VoIP Supply Product Manager

If you’ve been interested in MOBOTIX cameras but never took the chance to check them out, take some time to look at our MOBOTIX IP Camera category to see what’s new.

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