Vonage Releases Voicemail to Text Capabilities

May 3, 2007 by Garrett Smith

In the Face of Adversity, Vonage Keeps Trying to Innovate

Sure many will say that Vonage is not innovative enough, and that voicemail to text is nothing “new”, but you have to give them credit for *trying* to differentiate their service with their latest service enhancement, Vonage Text. Most, if not all, residential service providers are making no attempts to do anything other than deliver cheap dial-tone over someone else’s pipe – a sure death sentence. So I salute Vonage, for not just carrying the torch for the industry – something that has been costly – but also for continue to deliver new, innovative (to the general public), and valuable services on top of dialtone.

Sure they do not have it all “right”, but who does. They are down, but not out, and from the looks of this announcement, and this new site, Vonage will at the very least go down swinging.

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