Late last night VoIP service pioneer Vonage announced a new unlimited calling plan that smells like their answer to Skype’s ever growing foothold in the international calling space.

Named “Vonage World”, this new service offering from Vonage offers unlimited flat rate ($24.99 per month) calling to more than 60 countries, including India, Mexico and China. Previously Vonage offered unlimited calling plans for the U.S. and Canada, with international calling billed on a per minute basis.

At $24.99 the Vonage World plan is solid option for those in need of unlimited international calling.

For example, the current SkypeOut rate for calls from the U.S. to Mexico is $0.114 per minute. Under the Vonage World plan one would need to use over 220 minute before the plan made more final sense than a per minute Skype plan.

But if you’ve got a mother like mine, an obsessive girlfriend or a large network of friends, spending three and a half to four hours a month on the phone is nothing.



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