Webinar: How to Get Started With VoIP

May 9, 2012 by Nathan Miloszewski

Do you need or want VoIP service for you business but you’re unsure how to get started?

Learn from the experts in the upcoming Complete Turn-Key IP PBX Solutions webinar on Tuesday, May 22nd at 1:00 pm EST / 10:00 am PST hosted by 3CX and Patton.

The first half of the webinar will discuss the benefits of using 3CX as your call solution and the second half will talk about how Patton hardware helps complete the solution.

3CX Phone Systems

3CX is an easy to install, flexible phone system that operates on a number of popular Windows versions.  Start-up companies or large enterprises looking to switch to VoIP benefit from 3CX commercial editions that offer support from two concurrent calls up to 512 concurrent calls.


3CX Free Edition

3CX offers not just a free trial but, a full free edition that lets you use the basic features like call logging and reporting as well as the use of a web-based management console.

It’s a great way to try out the 3CX system and see if it’s right for you without making a financial commitment.

Patton VoIP Gateways

Patton is a leading producer of a range of network access and connectivity products including VoIP with a full line-up of Voice and Data Gateways, Servers, Routers and integrated access solutions for TDM, Packet, Leased Lines, Multi-Services and Dial-Up.

Patton VoIP Gateway

Patton’s Top Features

  • Patton’s gateways include FREE post sales technical support and configuration help, including a 1 year warranty.
  • Patton’s SmartNode products offer gateway and router solutions with just about every telephony interface.
  • When using 3CX, Patton works seamlessly as your gateway to the PSTN. Simply choose your Patton Gateway from the 3CX drop down menu.

Webinar Highlights

This webinar highlights turn-key IP PBX solutions that use SmartNode Gateways to connect your legacy phone equipment to your next generation 3CX phone system realizing that, a complete overhaul of your telephony infrastructure to an all-IP solution may not be the best approach.

Learn How To..

  • Leverage your existing phone system and reap the benefits of next-generation IP PBX technology–while migrating to converged-IP at your own pace.
  • Connect your existing phone lines to VoIP services and features including existing legacy phone and fax equipment.
  • Connect to remote offices, connect on the road, and from home all with voice and data survivability for business continuity.

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