Where did VoIP Supply’s Refresh line come from?

November 15, 2016 by Youleidy Vega

VoIP Supply has been a leader in VoIP equipment since 2004 when owner and CEO Ben Sayers realized that there was a high demand for VoIP equipment yet nowhere to purchase it. By end of year, VoIP Supply succeeded in becoming the top North American supplier of VoIP Equipment. Year over year, VoIP Supply saw an increase in business profitability and became the go to e-commerce site to purchase VoIP.  

But that did not mean Ben was satisfied. Now that customers had a way to purchase new VoIP equipment, he began to think of where all of the used VoIP equipment would go as companies started to replace existing infrastructure. Moreover, Ben understood that the cost of new VoIP hardware could be a big impact to small businesses and a big purchasing decision.

With that in mind came the idea of a refurbished line of VoIP equipment that would allow customers to purchase used VoIP equipment that was still in great conditions for a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

So the team got to work. By 2010 VoIP Supply officially implemented Refresh. A way to offer customers affordable VoIP equipment that would not break the bank, and better yet, a way to offer equipment that was reliable and warranty worth.  

Refresh Manager Mike Rehac expressed his thoughts on the roots of Refresh by saying,

“Our “Refresh” line was created because we wanted to meet the need for a low-cost alternative to new equipment while differentiating ourselves from the used and crummy product offerings being by our competitors.”

Rehac is in charge of anything Refresh at VoIP Supply. He makes sure that all the products are in working condition and that they look as good as new before they leave our warehouse.

“All Refresh products go through an exhaustive reconditioning process including feature/functionality testing, software upgrades, component replacement, repackaging, etc., and represent an exceptional value as they can be purchased for 25%-35% less than their new retail equivalent,” said Rehac.

Every Refresh product comes with a six month no questions asked guarantee. Customers can add an additional six months to the warranty for a minimal fee.

Refresh offers VoiP phones, switches, gateways and TDM cards as well as IP cameras.

Hand-in-hand with Refresh is our Reclaim line, of which Rehac is also in charge of.

Reclaim is our VoIP hardware  buyback program that gives anyone a chance to sell their gently used VoIP equipment for a fair market value and “reclaim” a portion of their original investment.

Reclaim has a simple 5-step process to get you on the way to selling your excess VoIP equipment for more than what other popular e-commerce sites can give you. To learn more about Reclaim, click here.

At VoIP Supply, refurbished VoIP equipment is something we do well. Whether it’s buying yours through Reclaim, or selling our own, we are proud to offer solutions for reconditioned VoIP equipment. We are delighted to help businesses across the world reduce their upfront costs in VoIP deployments while assuring that these same businesses are still getting quality products that won’t disappoint.

So if you are considering outfitting your office with VoIP,  don’t think twice about considering our Refresh line, trusted and backed by us 100%.

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