Where to sell the used VoIP equipment?

September 29, 2017 by Ying-Hui Chen

reclaimKeep your old phones out of the landfill! Reclaim by VoIP Supply has a better way.

VoIP Supply’s Reclaim equipment buyback program is your outlet for selling off your used and excess VoIP equipment. With Reclaim you can submit your equipment for sale to VoIP Supply and receive fair market value for it allowing you to “reclaim” a portion of your original investment.

Why sell through Reclaim by VoIP Supply?

  • Easy sales process – A streamlined five step process makes selling your equipment hassle free.
  • Fair market value – Receive fair market value for your equipment – not pennies on the dollar.
  • Expertise – VoIP Supply has been buying, reconditioning and selling equipment since 2002. When you work with VoIP Supply, you work with the best.
  • Go green – Keep your old phones out of the landfill and reclaim some money back!


What can I sell through Reclaim?

Like the sheriff in an old western VoIP Supply’s Reclaim team has a most wanted list. Here’s a look at some of the usual suspects in high demand that are currently commanding the highest payouts:


Check out a complete most wanted product list here!

If you are interested in knowing what you can get for one of the products listed above, please submit the form below to request a quote!

Reclaim in five simple steps

The process for selling equipment to VoIP Supply through Reclaim is simple and straightforward.

  1. Submit a list of equipment for sale 
  2. Receive a Reclaim buyback offer on your equipment from VoIP Supply.
  3. Properly package your equipment for shipment and ready package for pick-up by VoIP Supply’s shipment carrier.
  4. Await confirmation of shipment receipt and equipment acceptance from VoIP Supply.
  5. Receive a check or store credit for the agreed upon value of the equipment.

Have more questions? Check out our Q&A page or contact our Refresh/Reclaim Manager, Mike Rehac, at 716-213-6898 or email at [email protected].

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