Why Buy a Multimedia VoIP Phone?

August 7, 2012 by Garrett Smith

polycom_vvx_500With many different kinds of telecom solutions available to homes and businesses, today’s buyer might be wondering why they should invest in a brand new multimedia VoIP phone.

These new products actually have many specific benefits for today’s market, some related to user-friendly design and others offering specific opportunities to bring down costs for commercial operations.

Here are some of the main reasons why so many buyers are jumping on the bandwagon and making a play for a new multimedia VoIP phone with many of the capabilities of a conventional 3G or 4G enabled smartphone.

Plug-and-play Adaptability

Grandstream GXV3140

Standalone hard phones with multimedia VoIP design are an easy way to add audio or video capability to any inbound and outbound calling systems. Many of these designs are made with a “plug-and-play” capability, where USB connections enable managers to easily fit these new phones into an existing setup.

Additionally, multimedia VoIP phones that operate through software (softphones) allow for this kind of capability without adding additional hardware.

Multiline Capacity

Cisco 8961One of the best features of the superior multimedia VoIP phones on today’s market is the ability to add literally dozens of lines to an existing call. This is something that a lot of commercial buyers pay top dollar for, and a specific benefit of the multimedia VoIP phone that relies on available bandwidth and successful IP routing of multi-line connections.

This can help the top brass of any business or organization to meet no matter where in the world any of these individuals might be.

Interactive Visual Features

CloudTC GlassFrom connections to social media networks like Facebook, to e-mail and fax integration, some of the best features of multimedia VoIP phones have less to do with the actual phone call and more to do with data handling or additional tasking for users.

Predictive dialers and other features can often be installed right into a multimedia VoIP phone software environment, making these kind of phones a must-have for top class call centers in any industry.

For those who have to make many phone calls each day, the call tracking and data recording technologies in these new desktop and hard phone designs are revolutionizing the ways that today’s busy professional does business.

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  • The multiline aspect of the multimedia VoIP phone is very useful for small businesses or businesses where all employees are not centrally located. It is the top of the line in corporate conference calling technology.

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