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Grandstream GXV3140 (Discontinued)

The Grandstream GXV3140 has been made end of life by the manufacturer. The direct replacement is the Grandstream GXV3240. For more information or if you have questions, please call 800.398.8647.
The Grandstream GXV3140 Multimedia Phone combines video conference capability with a number of popular Web and social networking applications (such as Web browsing, IM with Yahoo/MSN/Google, Internet radio, Yahoo Flickr Web photo album, RSS news/weather/stock feeds, music streaming, games, etc). Read More
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Grandstream GXV3140 Multimedia Phone

The Grandstream GXV3140 is a Skype certified IP Video phone which features a 4.3in Color LCD display, integrated web browser, and RSS feeds for news/weather/stocks and access to Yahoo Flickr web photo album. The GXV3140 allows free voice and video calls via Skype simply by plugging it into the network, or through your IP PBX with a user friendly web GUI. The GXV3140 features dual switched 10/100 ports and allows for 3 SIP Accounts. It has a full duplex speakerphone and also has a USB Port for Plugin Wifi capability or other USB devices.

Grandstream GXV3140 Multimedia Phone Overview

This Grandstream Video Phone sports a crystal clear 4.3" digital color LCD, a tiltable 1.3M pixel advanced CMOS camera with razor sharp clarity and privacy shutter, dual network ports, rich auxiliary interfaces (such as SD, USB, stereo headset, audio/video output, etc), advanced video compression standard H.264/H.263/H.263+, and a full-duplex speakerphone.

Grandstream GXV3140 Features and Functions

  • 4.3" digital TFT color LCD (480x272 resolution), 1.3M pixel CMOS camera with privacy shutter
  • Dual switched 10M/100M auto-sensing Ethernet ports
  • SD/MMC/SDHC, USB, stereo headset with microphone, stereo audio output, video output, 2-angle stand, wall mountable
  • High fidelity full-duplex speakerphone with acoustic echo canceller
  • H.264 baseline (with CABAC enhancement pending) and H.263/H.263+ (pending) video standard at bitrate of 64kbps to 1Mbps, frame rate of up to 30fps and resolution of QVGA/CIF/QCIF
  • G.711 (a/u-law), G.722 (wideband), G.723.1, G.729A/B, GSM-FR, G.726-32 (pending) voice codec and AAC, MP3, WMA, Real, Ogg-Vorbis audio codec
  • Web browser, IM with Yahoo/MSN/Google, RSS feeds of weather/news/stocks, Internet radio, music/video streaming/playing from SD/USB card/Internet, Yahoo Flickr web photo album, alarm clock, calendar, games, music ringtone, etc
  • Intuitive graphic user interface with customizable skins, multi-language, multiple virtual screens
  • Advanced smart NAT traversal technology to allow truly zero-configuration plug-and-play
  • Strong security and privacy protection based on TLS/SRTP/AES

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Grandstream GXV3140  (Discontinued)

Darren Hartman

Direct: 866-675-8461

Why Pay $159.99 for the Grandstream GXV3140 (Discontinued)?

  • 4.3” digital TFT color LCD (480x272 resolution), 1.3M pixel CMOS camera with privacy shutter

  • SD/MMC/SDHC, USB, stereo headset with microphone, stereo audio output, video output

  • High fidelity full-duplex speakerphone with acoustic echo canceller

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Customer Reviews

(Submitted on ) | by

Impressive product for Grandstream
The GXV 3140 has an amazing price point and can do almost anything you'd ask of an IP phone or a video phone. You can make direct IP calls or FREE voice/video calls to anyone else with a 3140 via Grandstream's IPVIDEOTALK network that the phone registers itself to upon initial boot up. I have this phone making SIP video calls back and forth from SIP surveillance cameras and you can use this for video door access as well. Not to mention all of the multimedia features and options like youtube and the social media websites. 3 way video calling and the capability of being wireless via a Wi-Fi USB dongle make this product extremely hard to beat. You won't find another product with these capabilities at the price. The firmware has been stable for quite some time now and they are performing great!

(Submitted on ) | by

Grandstreams answer to the Germans "Eierlegende Wollmilchsau"
Believe me I have been waiting for this long time.
5 Years back I was already considering a solution like the GXV3140.
At that time the devices came with some kind of VOIP account bundle. So I was skeptical.

Especially Grandstream as a budget maker has a long history for hit or miss products.
If Grandstream can pull this product of the right way, make it work and actually deliver on the promises the brochure gives then this will be a 6 star product.

Grandstream has been promising before features that didn't make it into later firmware versions. So when I heard the GXV3140 comes out with all this killer applications built in I was even more skeptical.

The GXV3140 is clearly a device that focuses towards "one size fits all" - in other words - quantity.

The GXV3140 must be Grandstream's answer to the Germans "Eierlegende Wollmilchsau."*

- Browser
- IM (Gmail, MSN, QQ, Yahoo)
- Weather
- Calender
(Display of holiday names in local language)
- Currency converter
- Calculator
- Stock ticker
- RSS feeds
- Mp3 player
- Internat radio (streaming)
- phonebook
- 3 sip accounts

- USB port
- SD slot

With this vast amount of functionality the device can literally fulfill "little" technical wonders.
As a sidenode: The "bigger" wonders are fulfilled by you during the configuration period ;-)

The key to this success is that - after configuration - the user can enjoy all those applications without PC knowledge.

With all this privileges comes of course a new level of responsibilities. So keep in mind that running so many applications on a network device naturally increases the risk of becoming unstable.

The good thing (from security point of view) is most applications need to be started first before they can be used.

So first advice I would give is to update to the latest firmware.
(Users have been complaining about stability on earlier version.)

However, since the official GA release of Firmware (GA) on 24th August I think its fair to say that the phone became considerably more stable. This is especially true when running the browser or IM in the background.

Its pretty cool to have that much functionality after the initial 4 days of configuration.
So I don't need to startup my PC for smaller tasks anymore and my desk looks cleaner too.

My only complaint (for now) is that 3 sip accounts is no way enough for me.
(I would require roughly 6+). If you use 3 incoming DIDs (Tokyo, London, New York) with different providers and 3 others for outgoing calls than you already have an issue.

It can be an invaluable advantage to change the provider at a push of a button when the carriers voice quality varies. (as it does with many budget providers).

Having said that The GXV3140 has a remarkable voice quality even when the network is sluggish.
I am (still) a long term (5+ years) SNOM 360 user (and fan) and was buffled that the GXV3140 delivers even better voice quality.
The voice is literally crystal clear. Your partner will hear you taking a breath in and out. (and that's no joke !!)

I am surprised to read Skype or IAX is not supported but can accept it.
I have to confirm yet if Netmeeting will work with it.
Ekiga does (think of it as a sip based Netmeeting) and there are other compatible softphones out there too like f.e portsip, eyeBeam etc.

Its pretty cool that you can receive PC calls.
This means that your partner does Not have to buy the GXV3140 if (s)he doesn't want to.

The video experience itself is pretty cool too, but dont yet consider it a replacement for a video conference system. Instead think of it more like a web cam experience.

The video size is sufficient to confirm that its your mum on the other side.
That alone can make it worth if you live far away from people you care about.
I have read stories about it being used in health care as well.

The key to being able to enjoying it is the networks latency and that is where you (usually) don't have influence in long distance calls.

Nevertheless we have been running tests between Tokyo (Japan) and Frankfurt (Germany). The slower end of the line ran on a DSL 384 kbps SOHO connection.

After some initial trial and error to start with we found that it gave us sufficient performance to make us want to deploy it further.


Spending $250 on a VoIP phone is not cheap, but with this amount of functionality it might be worth considering. You get the most used functions accessible from your desk for the fraction of a power consumption a PC has.
In addition it also offers non technical users accessible functionality in a new package.

If you think about being able to see the people that are close to you, whether or not they are within the same building or on the other side of the street, the country or the ocean, then this alone is a big time motivation.

While the video experience alone might be the most attraction for some, for me its really the combination with the other applications that pull each separate function together and make it a whole package.

Also note while most phones are not used when you dont call, this phone has a screensaver, digital photo frame function, mp3 player, internet radio streaming function, weather function, currency converter etc. all build in.

Have I even mentioned yet that the interface currently already supports 11 languages ?
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (twice), Korean, Japanese etc. - (the last language I am guessing is either Russian or perhaps Greek).

Overall, in its current state I think its well worth 4 stars.

Three things that immediately got my attention:

First, upgrade your phone to the latest firmware.
Second, I personally would like to see the GXV3140 offer at least 6 sip accounts.
This way I could take all current accounts from the "old" phone over to the new phone.

Thirdly, I would loved to see the device design more elegant and in different colours than black. (f.e coffee cream or pearl white) perhaps at some time skins will be available in several colors.

* A fairytale pig, which in addition gives milk and lays eggs and with a skin made of wool. You get the idea ? ;-)

--- Update on 18th December 2009 ---

Things have been heating up in the Grandstream forum in the last weeks while users were waiting for the long promised support for H263, SRTP etc.

The new Firmware (released 8 hours ago) addresses many of the users concerns.

Its still beta and the favorites settings get lost, but this firmware is starting to show case what the GXV3140 and its fuzz behind it is all about.

This also shows Grandstreams commitment to develop the product on a steady pace towards a six star killer application.

Finally the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine through.

--- Stay tuned ---

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