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foneBridge2 Dual T1/E1 750-5050-EC

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The RedFone foneBridge2 Dual T1/E1 750-5050-EC has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available. For more information or if you have questions, please call 800.398.8647.
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RedFone foneBRIDGE2 Dual T1/E1 with Echo Cancellation 750-5050-EC

The RedFone foneBRIDGE2 Dual T1/E1 750-5050-EC offers Asterisk PBX T1/E1 Redundancy, High Availability & Load Balancing in an economical Enterprise class solution. foneBRIDGE2 is a T1/E1 PRI-to-Ethernet Bridge. It is an integrated black-box "appliance" designed to streamline installation and enable redundant design of Asterisk based VoIP systems. foneBRIDGE2 eliminates the need to install proprietary TDM hardware cards in approved/compatible server configurations. Instead, foneBRIDGE2 terminates T1/E1 PRI lines on the trunk side and provides direct Ethernet communication to a network of Asterisk servers using native Asterisk TDMoE formats and utilities.

RedFone foneBRIDGE2 Dual T1/E1 with Echo Cancellation 750-5050-EC Overview

The RedFone foneBRIDGE2 Dual T1/E1 750-5050-EC is a T1 or E1 PRI-to-Ethernet bridge. It is an integrated black-box "appliance" designed to streamline installation and enable redundant design of Asterisk based VoIP systems. Designing, building, and installing an Asterisk system has never been this easy! Engineered around our unique high-speed SoC (System-on-Chip) TDMoE engine, foneBRIDGE2 provides low-latency delivery of your critical voice traffic.

RedFone foneBRIDGE2 Dual T1/E1 with Echo Cancellation 750-5050-EC Features:

  • PRI Switch Compatibility– EuroISDN, AT&T 4ESS, DMS 100, Lucent 5E, NI1/NI2; Network or CPE
  • Line Interface– Single T1/E1 (RJ45)
  • Line Encoding– AMI/B8ZS for T1, AMI/HDB3 for E1
  • Super Frame (SF) and Extended Super Frame (ESF)
  • Robbed Bit Signaling (RBS/CAS)
  • Short and Long Haul line build out (LBO)
  • Adaptive Equalizer for line attenuation conditioning
  • MFC/R2, SS7 support with 3rd party libraries Ethernet
  • 1x RJ45 10/100-BASE-TX Half/Full-duplex
Echo Cancellation Details
  • On-board high speed digital signal processing with TI’s 6000™ DSP platform
  • Adaptive Digital “carrier class” G.168.v8 patented echo canceller
  • 128ms (1024 taps) of echo tail
  • Comfort Noise Generator
  • Automatic tail search, fast convergence, and no divergence due to double talk
  • Tone disabler for clear fax and modem communication

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Why Pay $1,695.00 for the foneBridge2 Dual T1/E1 750-5050-EC?

  • 2-Port T1/E1 Interface, PRI Switch Compatibility, Line Configurable

  • High-Availability through rapid failover capabilities

  • Onboard Echo Cancellation

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Works Well
Purchased the dual-T1 w/EC unit and have been running it for about a month. There were some initial timing problems but those got sorted out and the unit was been running 24/7 since. It is installed in front of an Asterisk High-Availability setup and failover works as advertised. This is the perfect unit to detach TDM processing from a dedicated PCI card in HA situations. It is a little more pricey than a dual T1/E1 card but I still recommend it instead... even if you aren't running HA, because you never know when you'll want to go HA. For any serious business system, I think this unit and an HA setup is a must-have.

Setup was a breeze though the documentation isn't clear on a couple of things. For example, the unit will forget its settings on power-down unless you run "fonulator --write-config" from the master server. This little feature isn't documented and I had to complain to tech support to find out about it. You'll also want to check the firmware and make sure it is the latest and greatest. They are actively developing this system so newer firmware may be available.

Tech Support has been a great help. They were very responsive while we worked through the early timing problem and always willing to provide answers and suggestions... even when it didn't directly relate to their product.

Overall, I think any Asterisk system with T1/E1 should be using this unit instead of the PCI cards. (Sorry Rhino, Digium, Sangoma, etc)

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