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Elastix NLX4000 IP PBX Appliance

Elastix NLX4000

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1 Year

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Solution Overview

Elastix NLX4000 IP PBX Appliance

The Elastix NLX4000 is a 1.5U IP PBX appliance which will support up to 300 phones and up to 120 concurrent calls. The Elastix NLX4000 has 2 open PCIe slots which support a variety of different analog and digital port configurations to support what you want to connect. Choose FXO ports to connect to the PSTN via POTS lines, T1 ports to connect via a T1 or use FXS ports to use analog phones or fax machines with the NLX4000.

Elastix NLX4000 Overview

The NLX4000 features a 500GB 2.5in SATA hard drive in RAID1 running on a 1.86GHz Dual Core processor. With this much power, you can easily handle up to 120 concurrent calls. Of course, you don't pay per concurrent call or per extension on Elastix. Elastix is based on Asterisk (R), an open sourced call handling software. When you purchase an Elastix appliance, you are done! There is no required maintenance, per user fees, or upgrade insurance to purchase. VoIP Supply does recommend the purchase of a support contract to help you with your initial installation and set up of your new Elastix appliance, but there are various support options to choose from to fit your budget and your level of expertise.

Elastix Overview

  • Voicemail
  • Fax-to-email
  • Support for softphones
  • Web Interface Configuration
  • Virtual conference rooms
  • Call recording
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Extension Roaming
  • PBX Interconnection
  • Caller ID
  • CRM
  • Advance Reports

For complete Elastix features visit the Official Elastix Page

Click here to download the Elastix NLX4000 Datasheet

Base Chassis

The Elastix NLX4000 is a 1.5U rackmount metal chassis with 2 open PCIe slots. It features a 1.86GHz Dual Core processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, a 500GB 2.5in HDD in RAID1 and two 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports. The NLX4000 can support up to 4 T1/E1 ports and/or up to 48 analog ports.

Elastix NLX4000 IP PBX Appliance   +$1,675.00

Support Options

Not an IP PBX expert? VoIP Supply recommends purchasing a support contract for your Elastix appliance. Elastix support is handled by the group of engineers who wrote the program, so you can trust the experts. Standard Support will cover 1 server with 10 hours of email support for 1 year. Advanced Support will cover 1 server with 20 hours of email support for 1 year. Supreme Support will cover 1 server with 30 hours of phone or email support for 1 year 24x7. Just need a little help getting started? You can also buy Elastix Chat-based support by the hour. Choose from 8x5 or 24x7 availability.

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