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HD Voice

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HD Voice Calling

Your VoIP calls will never be the same with HD Voice calling from the leaders in VoIP. With HD Voice you can experience crisp, clear high definition audio superior to normal calling. For more check out the articles to the right and HD capable handsets below.

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  1. snom 760

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    The snom 760 is a 12 line Wideband SIP phone with a 3.5in color LCD display and 12 two-color multipurpose buttons that can be used for speed dial, busy lamp field (BLF), shared line appearances (SLA), redirection, door opening, and many other features.
  2. snom 720

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    The snom 720 IP phone is a Wideband audio SIP phone with 12 identities and 18 two-color multi-purpose LED keys.

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