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Dual IP Cameras

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    D15 Corner mount set
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    The Mobotix MXM15DSECDNIGHTD25N2 is an all around dual Camera with Two L25 Lenses for day and night.
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    The M15 AllroundDual is a weatherproof day and night camera suitable for ranging temperatures from below freezing to 140° Fahrenheit. With the interchangeable 5MP image sensor modules (not included) you can choose a varying degrees of field of view or for day or night visibility.
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    Mobotix M15 Allround Dual is a weatherproof thermographic camera with Power Over the Ethernet that exhibits maximum results with a 6 Megapixel sensor. IP66 rated, the M15 Dual is a tough, high-end thermografic camera with a thermal sensor of 50mK that can withstand temperature ranges of -40 to 1022° Fahrenheit.

4 Item(s)