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Adtran Network Modules

Adtran Modules

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Adtran Modules

Adtran Modules

Adtran Netvanta VoIP Switches

About Adtran

Adtran is the leading provider of networking and communications equipment. Adtran solutions enable voice, data, video, and internet communications globally. They hold the market share leadership position for Integrated access devices and the #2 position for branch office routers.

Adtran differentiates itself from the competition with their lifetime warranty and next business day replacement policy that comes standard with all their products.

Why buy Adtran?

  • Extensive Product portfolio for copper, wireless, optical, and Ethernet-based networks.
  • 25 years of experience building innovative solutions supporting next generation technologies.
  • Widely deployed by telco carriers, SMB, and enterprises worldwide.
  • Nearly every T1 in the USA is delivered via Adtran equipment
  • Industry leading warranty and technical support
Adtran Networking and Communications Equipment

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    NetVanta QUAD FXS VIM2 1700102G1
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    Adtran 1200755E2 Quad T1 Module 1200755E2
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    Adtran 1200309E1 Atlas 550 Octal FXS Module 1200309E1
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    Adtran 1200307E2
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    Provides one RBS T1 or PRI (5E, DMS100, or National) interface for termination of TDM voice trunk
  6. Adtran 1200690E1 FXS

    SKU: 02-113085

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    Provides four analog RJ-11 (FXS) trunk ports for connection to analog devices such as POTS phones, FAX machines, and/or modems
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    Atlas 550 Octal E&M Expansion Module 1200313L1
  8. Adtran 1200314E2

    SKU: 02-108691

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    ATLAS 550 Dual T1/PRI Module
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    NetVanta 1000Base-LX SFP Switch Module
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    NetVanta 1000Base-SX SFP Switch Module

Items 1 to 10 of 21 total