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AudioCodes IP Phones and Media Gateways


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About AudioCodes

AudioCodes LTD designs, manufactures, and sells VoIP products and applications to Service Providers and Enterprises and has a full range of products and value added applications including:

AudioCodes has over 15 years of market experience, has deployed over 10 million media gateway channels globally, and offers a host of converged voice and network products allowing their customers to use the same network for both voice and data.

Why buy Audiocodes?

  • AudioCodes is a leader in the VoIP equipment market.
  • AudioCodes' implementation of HD VoIP comes from AudioCodes leadership in DSP, voice coding and voice processing technologies.
  • AudioCodes' scalable and feature-rich converged Voice and Data network products enable customers of all sizes to build and deploy cutting-edge VoIP and converged Voice and Data solutions.
Audiocodes phones and gateways