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Headsets for Cisco Phones

Cisco Phone Headsets

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Cisco Phone Headsets

Headsets for Cisco Phones

Cisco IP phones have been proven time and time again to be a trusted, high performance office phone. You can buy a Cisco Phone from one of three families: The Cisco CP-79xx family, the Cisco Smalll Business SPA5xx and SPA3xx family, or the Cisco Wifi Family. Choosing a Cisco phone headset depends on which family of Cisco phone you are shipping for. .

Cisco CP-79xx phones have a dedicated RJ9 headset jack and will support Electronic Hookswitch (EHS). So when choosing a Cisco phone headset for a Cisco CP-7942G or CP-7962G, for example, make sure you buy an RJ9 Quick disconnect cable with your corded headset and the appropriate EHS cable with a cordless headset.

Cisco SPA5xx IP phones such as the SPA525G2 or SPA504 and the SPA303 have a dedicated 2.5mm headphone jack. When buying a corded Cisco phone headset, make sure to buy a 2.5mm QD cord. Unlike the CP-79xx family, the Cisco SPA5xx phones do not support EHS so when buying a cordless headset, remember to buy a lifter if you want to take and end calls while away from your desk.

Cisco WiFi phone will support a 2.5mm corded headset. When buying a corded headset for the WIP310 or CP-7921 remember the 2.5mm QD cable.

Headsets for Cisco phones

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