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Digium AEX2400 Series PCI and PCIe Cards

Digium AEX2400 Series Cards

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Digium AEX2400 Series Cards

Digium AEX2400 Series Cards

Digium's Complete VoIP Solution Lineup

About Digium AEX2400 Series

Designed for larger installations or channel bank replacement, Digium AEX2400 Series cards supports up to six quad port station or trunk modules for a total of 24 lines. The AEX2400 series are full-length PCI-Express 1.0-compliant VoIP PBX hardware cards for connecting analog telephone stations and analog POTS lines through a PC.

Utilizing VoiceBus™ technology to maximize system compatibility and prevent systems conflicts, AEX2400 Series cards eliminate the requirement for separate channel bank and T1 interface cards. With interchangeable quad trunk and quad station modules, any combination of interfaces is possible.

Backed by a five (5) year warranty and Digium’s Exceptional Satisfaction Program (ESP) guaranteeing quality and reliability, this high-quality analog card solution inspires confidence.

Why buy Digium AEX2400 Series?

  • Twenty four (24) port, full-length PCI-Express 1.0-compliant analog card w/ Optional High Performance Echo Cancellation (HPEC).
  • Interchangeable quad trunk and quad station modules for any combination of interfaces.
  • RoHS compliant, ISO 9001:2001 certified, MTBF > than 1 million hours, 5-year warranty, Digium ESP.



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13 Item(s)