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About FaxBack

Send VoIP faxes, and much more, with FaxBack HTTPS fax enabled analog telephone adapters. Use this FaxBack ATA for both fax and voice calls allowing you to retain E911 emergency call support. The Faxback solution provides connectivity to allow your ordinary fax machine and multi-function printers (MFP) to integrate with fax servers, enterprise VoIP solutions or connect over the internet to VoIP and fax service providers.

The FaxBack fax machine solutions will add features to your fax machine just like VoIP added features to your phone. With a FaxBack ATA you can now receive fax notifications via email and manage your faxes through a control panel that allows fax tracking and archiving.

Even more, with FaxBack you can use any type of internet or data connection including satellite, Wi-Fi, and cellular data connections. FaxBack fax ATA’s are also HTTPS enabled making those faxes you send over satellite, Wi-Fi, or cell secure and reliable.

Whether it’s fax-to-email or a good old fashioned hard copy fax that you need, FaxBack will merge your fax machine traffic with your desktop faxing. Don’t leave your fax machine out in the cold by relying on business fax servers or fax service providers. FaxBack will do more than simply hook your fax machine to VoIP by combining superior fax reliability, security, and cutting-edge features while maintaining the easy, familiar fax experience you’re used to.

Why buy FaxBack?

  • HTTPS enabled solves issues of security and reliability of faxes over the open internet.
  • Fax and voice - ATA can be used for both fax and voice calls and retain E911 emergency call support.
  • Broad interoperability, easy integration into existing networks, automatic provisioning, and business grade faxing from residential to enterprise applications.

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    Enhanced HTTPS FAX Enabled version of the MP-202B ATA. Connects fax machines to cloud-based fax service providers such as eFax® and EasyLink in addition to premise-based fax servers. Supports SIP voice calls and Fax Call Ahead. NOTE: Requires an account with an online fax service provider such an eFax or a premise-based fax server to connect fax machine.

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