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Jabra QD Cords

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  1. Jabra GN1200

    SKU: 02-101029

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    The Jabra GN2100 is a lower quick disconnect cord compatible with Jabra corded headsets and VXI G series headsets.
  2. Jabra 1005143

    SKU: 02-101021

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    The Jabra 2.5mm Quick Disconnect cable for all Jabra QD headsets - allows any Jabra QD headset to work with a 2.5mm headset jack.
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    The Jabra 8800-00-99 Quick Disconnect cord is made specifically for use with the Jabra Speak 410 USB Speakerphone.
  4. Jabra Link 220a

    SKU: 02-113962

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    The Jabra Link 220a turns any Jabra corded headset into a softphone friendly headset. The Link 220a cord allows you to connect any Jabra QD (quick disconnect) headset to a PC or Mac via USB.
  5. GN Netcom GN1216

    SKU: 02-115617

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    QD to RJ-9 Adapter, Avaya 9600 and 1600 series Straight Cord (88001-03)
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    Jabra Quick Disconnect (QD) Straight Bottom Cord, 0.5 meter
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    Jabra Quick Disconnect (QD) to 3.5mm Jack Cord with push to talk button
  8. Jabra 8800-01-01

    SKU: 02-117509

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    The Jabra 8800-01-01 is a RJ9 to QD replacement cord for Link 850
  9. GN 14151-01

    SKU: 02-101014

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    The GN 14151-01 replacement battery is a replacement Lithium Ion battery for the Jabra GN9120 and GN9100 series wireless headsets. The GN 14151-01 comes with a proprietary screwdriver giving you easy access to the battery compartment.
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    Jabra QD to RJ-9 Direct Connect Coiled Cord

10 Item(s)