Panasonic Video Servers

About Panasonic Video Servers

Panasonic's IP interfaces for video streaming offer high quality video signals that can be transmitted over greater distances than is possible with conventional coaxial cable. These video servers allow simultaneous transmission to multiple clients while making efficient use of network bandwidth.

Their built-in support for a wide range of IP protocols provides for connection over a variety of existing networks so you can monitor surveillance cameras from anywhere with virtually no loss in image quality.

Why buy Panasonic Video Servers?

  • IP-based surveillance systems secure people and property, or monitor equipment and facilities, remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Multiple viewers can simultaneously access images from the same analog or IP camera.
  • Control pan/tilt/zoom devices or time-lapse tape recorders with input/output ports.
Panasonic IP Cameras
Panasonic Video Servers

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