Spectralink KIRK

Spectralink DECT (formerly known as KIRK) is one of the world's leading brands of IP DECT technology.

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. The DECT standard for wireless telephony is quickly becoming a commonplace in many organizations, offices, hospitals, and industries. The DECT standard holds an advantage over WiFi telecommunications because DECT runs on its own frequency and its own infrastructure, whereby the chances of interference or bandwidth battles is reduced or eliminated.

Spectralink DECT solutions are versatile in many vertical markets because of their ability to interoperate with vertical-specific applications such as security systems, medical systems, or manufacturing machinery. In addition, the modular approach to purchasing KIRK allows you to make use of the phones and systems in many situations or environments without purchasing products you don't need. Multiple charging options are available for most Spectralink KIRK DECT VoIP phones, as well as multiple power supplies for use all over the world.

Spectralink DECT Phones run on KIRK Infrastructure. Kirk Wireless Server (KWS) 500 and KWS8000 run on traditional analog PBX systems. The Spectralink IP DECT Server 400 and 6500 work on IP PBX systems. Any Spectralink DECT handset will work on any Spectralink DECT Server. Choose your handset based on its functionality and looks. The choice is yours!

Spectralink DECT phones come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Did you know that Wireless Phones in the workplace are one of the most likely pieces of office equipment to get damaged or destroyed? Don't be left out in the cold, make sure to cover your Spectralink DECT phone with VoIP Supply's Go3 ' no questions asked' 3 year replacement warranty!

Why buy Spectralink DECT?

  • Spectralink DECT products are sold modularly so you can customize your solution to what you need.
  • Spectralink DECT products interoperate with many onsite applications to make your Spectralink DECT phone perform as more than just a verbal communication device.
  • Wireless handsets increase productivity, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and response time
  • Spectralink runs on the DECT standard, which keeps your voice bandwidth separate from your data network.
  • Wide range of handset types with features for many different environments
Spectralink DECT
Spectralink KIRK
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  1. $399.99
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    SKU # 02-111230
    Spectralink KIRK 7740 1G9 DECT Handset. Bacteria-resistant design with man-down alarms. (formerly Polycom KIRK 7040)
  2. $254.99
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    SKU # 02-111229
    Spectralink 7720 1G9 DECT handset for healthcare. Bacteria resistant design. (formerly Polycom KIRK 7020)
  3. $219.99
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    SKU # 02-111228
    Spectralink 7110 DECT handset 1G9 for Healthcare and Nursing Homes (formerly known as Polycom KIRK 7010)
  4. $369.99
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    SKU # 02-111227
    SpectraLink 7640 DECT handset 1G9 for Manufacturing (formerly known as Polycom KIRK 6040)
  5. $239.99
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    SKU # 02-111226
    SpectraLink 7620 (formerly Polycom Kirk 6020 DECT) handset optimized for manufacturing 1G9
  6. $219.99
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    SKU # 02-103035
    SpectraLink 7520 DECT Wireless Handset [02431000]. Formerly known as the KIRK 5020, this handset is an elegant handset positioned towards administrative environments across various vertical markets as it meets the needs for a wireless device that mobile workers. Supported on Microsoft Lync.
  7. $239.99
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    SKU # 02-110256
    The SpectraLink 7540 (formerly Polycom KIRK 5040) DECT phone allows for mobility within the organization while letting the user enjoy all the advanced features they have come to expect on their desktop phone.
  8. $219.99
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    SKU # 02-102237
    SpectraLink 7440 DECT Wireless Handset [02347000]. Formerly known as KIRK 4040, this handset is a robust, well designed and full feature handset. The meets demands for easy mobility and is for built for long-term dependability in harsh environments. In order to...
  9. $144.99
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    SKU # 02-102236
    The 7420 Phone is custom-designed for retail, warehouse and production segments. Segments with a strong need for robust and at the same time user friendly wireless communication units that can be trusted by the user.
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