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Xorcom CompletePBX Software

Xorcom CompletePBX

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Xorcom CompletePBX

About Xorcom Complete PBX

From small-sized businesses with standard telephony requirements, to large enterprises with complex networking needs, Xorcom Complete PBX has the ideal solution line that will meet a variety of communications requirements for different organizations.

Equipped with 8 BRI ISDN ports, 16 up to 32 analog ports, 30 up to 1000 users, and 10 up to 480 concurrent calls, Xorcom Complete PBX is available in various configurations to fit your unique needs including CXR Series for standard business telephony, and also CXE Series for enhanced business telephony.

Xorcom Complete PBX also enables a variety of user-friendly features such as easy-to-operate web interface, built-in call center as well as endpoint manager to ensure a superior communication experience.

Why buy Xorcom Complete PBX?

  • Easy endpoint integration
  • Remote extensions support
  • Converged IP-PBX: VoIP and PSTN
Xorcom Complete PBX

13 Item(s)


13 Item(s)