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Eliminate your need for AC adapters with Power over Ethernet (PoE) network devices

Power Over Ethernet

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Power Over Ethernet

Power Your Endpoints with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Drop the AC power adapter today with these Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapters and injectors.

In an effort towards global sustainability, many manufacturers are now selling their IP devices PoE enabled hereby eliminating the need for an AC adapter. Power your PoE enabled VoIP Phones and IP Cameras with a PoE Switch or a PoE injector - also called a PoE adapter. VoIP Supply carries multiple PoE injectors including single port injectors, PoE Splitters, and multiport PoE midspans. When installing a new PoE switch to power your IP devices is not an option, turn to VoIP Supply for your PoE injectors and skip the AC adapter!

All of the PoE devices we retail come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty, are fully supported by our team of in-house Networking experts and work in conjunction with most popular Networking products like our network switch offerings.



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    Netgear GS108PE is part of Netgear's ProSAFE Gigabit Plus Switches, a line of products that offer users the fundamental networking features of a managed switch, without the expenses or the training required for the up-keeping.The Netgear GS108PE is an 8-port 10/100/1000 switch with four (4) Power over the Ethernet (PoE) ports. It offers QoS, VLAN, and networking monitoring, perfect for small voice or video deployments.
  2. Cisco SG200-08P

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    The Cisco SG200-08P is an 8 port Gigabit Ethernet PoE switch. Part of the Cisco 200 Series of network switches, the SG200-08P managed switch combines powerful network performance and reliability to deliver essential network features at a great price.
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    Designed for today's emerging power over Ethernet applications (PoE), the PW180 is a power injector--providing power through RJ45 jacks as well as data over a single Ethernet cable. Desktop model up to 20 watts. * 802.3af PoE injector * (1) RJ45 Port Ethernet Port * (1) RJ45 Port Power Port
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    The Cisco SG300 series Managed Switches are 10/100/1000 switches available in 10, 20, 28, or 52 port POE and non POE configurations. The Cisco 300 Series of Switches features low energy consumption, IPv6 support, and a limited lifetime warranty.
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    The Cisco SF300 series Managed Switches are 10/100 switches available in 8, 24, or 48 port POE and non POE configurations. The Cisco 300 Series of Switches features low energy consumption, IPv6 support, and a limited lifetime warranty.
  6. CyberData 011124

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    The new PoE power injector 802.3at is used with CyberData's new V2 Loudspeaker and Paging Amplifiers to provide up to 25 watts of driving power.
  7. Ruckus Wireless T301n

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    The ZoneFlex T301 Series are dual-band 802.11ac outdoor access points designed explicitly for high density user environments such as stadiums, arenas, train stations, convention centers, and major metro areas.

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