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Windows PBX

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Windows PBX

Windows PBX

<h2 >Windows-Based PBX Systems

Get the ease of use and reliability you've been looking for in a VoIP System with a Windows PBX from VoIP Supply.

VoIP Supply currently features the 3CX line of Windows PBX systems offer you all of the features and functionality you could want with the ease of use and reliability of Windows.

All 3CX Windows PBX systems offer you more than un-compromised features and functionality; they also offer you flexibility, cost savings and can substantially improve workforce productivity. Every 3CX Windows based PBX system below is fully warranted and supported by VoIP Supply's team of in-house experts so you can focus on your business - not your phone system.


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  1. Rockbochs Phonebochs 3U Appliance

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    The Phonebochs 3U PBX Appliance is custom built including your choice of Elastix, Trixbox CE, FreePBX, PBX in a flash, or Freeswitch O/S. Available in varying levels of power, Phonebochs 3U appliance is a superb choice for small businesses looking to run an Open Sourced communication system.
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    The RBX3CXMINI is a bundling of the popular PhoneBochs Mini IP PBX Appliance with pre-installed 3CX Free Edition IP PBX and Windows 7 Pro. After purchasing the RBX3CXMINI you may upgrade to any version of 3CX by purchasing the appropriate software license key to unlock your paid version.

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