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Rockbochs Phonebochs 3U Appliance

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  • Phonebochs 3U PBX Phonebochs 3U PBX
  • Phonebochs 3U PBX Phonebochs 3U PBX
  • Phonebochs 3U PBX Phonebochs 3U PBX
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1 Year

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Solution Overview

Rockbochs Phonebochs 3U Appliance

The PhoneBochs Telephony Appliance by Rockbochs has been designed and engineered exclusively for the budding VOIP market. While there are several telephony appliances available on the market, none are as versatile and flexible as a PhoneBochs. The Phonebochs telephony server appliance features a robust set of enterprise-level features designed for everything from small branch offices to full-scale enterprises.

The Phonebochs 3U appliance offers 6 expansion slots so there is plenty of room to grow to meet the needs of your medium business. Phonebochs 3U VoIP Appliances are offered in 3 levels: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The main differentiator between the 3 models is hard drive size and onboard RAM. Within each level, choose the telephony configuration which best meets the needs of your communication structure.

Phonebochs appliances are preloaded with your choice of Elastix, Trixbox CE, FreePBX, Freeswitch, or PBX-in-a-Flash. Please remember to choose which O/S you would like to have loaded when you order!

Industrial-Grade Components:
Reliability is an absolute requirement with telephone systems. We have hand picked only the finest industrial-grade components to ensure maximum uptime, including:
  • Sangoma engineered to fully support industry-leading Sangoma telephony cards
  • Industrial-grade motherboard utilizing Intel-based chipsets
  • Crucial RAM arguably the best RAM manufacturer in the world
  • Intel Dual Core 2.6GHz processor
  • 300w PSU far more power then the appliance will ever pull
  • Western Digital HDD's full 3-year warranty against failure
  • 3u Chassis constructed out of heavy gauge, powder coated steel

PhoneBochs Hardware Specifications:

  • 3u rack mountable chassis
  • Heavy duty cold-rolled steel
  • Loaded with your choice of O/S
  • 2 Front USB Ports, 6 total USB
  • 3.0 Ghz Intel Core Duo Processor
  • 1GB (Basic) or 2 GB (Standard and Premium) Crucial RAM
  • 80GB (Basic), 160GB (Standard) or 1 TB (Premium) SATA HDD's in RAID-1
  • 3 total 32bit PCI Slot Supports full length PCI cards
  • 3 total PCI Express slots
  • 300w Power Supply
  • Single Gigabit Intel-based onboard NICs
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Need a smaller box? Try one of these alternatives:

Operating System *

Choose which operating system you would like on your Phonebochs Appliance.

Phonebochs 3U Basic Configurations

The Phonebochs Basic configuration (also known as the B series) offers everything a business of 5-15 users would need to implement a robust phone system. The Phonebochs Basic Configuration offers an 80GB HDD in RAID1, 1GB Crucial RAM, a 10/100/1000 Intel NIC, and a 1 year warranty. If the Phonebochs B Series seems like a good fit for your communication strategy, choose from the telephony builds below.

Phonebochs 3U Standard Configurations

The Phonebochs Standard Configuration (also known as the S series) features an increased RAM (2GB) and Hard drive (160GB in RAID1) to handle a more demanding phone cycle. The larger hard drive and RAM offers more performance for increased voicemail use and increased storage for things like contacts, calendars, and faxes. If your small to medium business (15-30 users) is more phone centric, then the Phonebochs standard is the right choice for you. Choose from Phonebochs S Series configurations below.

Phonebochs 3U Premium Configurations

The Phonebochs Premium builds are designed to meet a demanding small business that is very phone centric or a medium to large business (30-100 users). The P series offers the best in storage with a 1TB HDD in RAID1 along with 2 GB Crucial RAM. If you run an SMB with a demanding phone volume, the Phonebochs P Series is made for you. Choose the appropriate telephony build from the options below.


If you are not a tech wizard, you may want to buy support directly from Rockbochs. Add the option below in the increments you desire for 1 hour of support direct from the experts at Rockbochs.


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