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Open box VoIP hardware and equipment

Open Box VoIP Hardware

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Open Box VoIP Hardware

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    Audiocodes Mediant 1000 Chassis M1K-CH GTPM00114 (NEW) M1K-CH
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    1/4" CMOS, MPEG-4/MJPEG, 640x480, DI, Day/Night, PoE built-in, IR illuminators, IP66, 4mm
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    Valcom VIP-804A Quad Networked Page Zone Extender
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    IP PoE 2.5in, 6 Digit Digital Clocks- Doubled Sided
  5. Valcom V-1092 Open Box

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    Valcom V-1092 V-1092
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    The VXI Passport 121V-DC is a binaural noise-canceling headset with Passport V-series quick disconnect for phones that do not require the use of an amplifier.
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    The VXI UC ProSet LUX 10 is a monaural USB headset with inline call controls. The UC ProSet LUX 10 features a noise cancelling microphone with a flexible microphone boom with a built in LED presence indicator light that is designed around UC status standards.
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    For both 77-Series and 76-Series handsets
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    The EdgeMarc 200 Series combines multiple voice and data features into a single, easy to use network services gateway. It includes models that integrate a router with an ethernet wide area network (WAN) or ADSL uplink, ethernet LAN switch, integrated access device (IAD) analog ports, PSTN gateway, call quality probe and optional 802.11 wireless access point for data. Designed for Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) environments it supports up to 10 concurrent WAN VoIP calls. The Edgemarc 200A-03-02 model has an ADSL wan connection, a 4 port LAN switch, a phone jack for an incoming POTS line, and 2-phone jacks for in-house telephones. Allows 2 concurrent WAN calls.
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    The MAXAttach Base is an accessory kit that includes MAX base unit, network cable, power cable and telephone cable.

Items 1 to 10 of 24 total