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SIP, PSTN, ISDN and other FXS VoIP gateways by Adtran, Grandstream and others

FXS Gateways

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FXS Gateways

FXS Gateways

FXS VoIP Gateways

Value packed FXS Gateways from VoIP Supply will reenergize your phone system’s ROI.

VoIP Supply knows that deploying a new VoIP phone system doesn’t always mean that you need new VoIP phones to go along with it. Connecting to VoIP service via an FXS Gateway is a simple and cost effective way to wrestle extended returns from your existing analog phones or fax machine.

FXS Gateways employ RJ11 ports that will leverage your analog office phones and fax machines to communicate with your new VoIP PBX system with VoIP protocols and will encode/decode the voice signal with voice codecs.

All of our FXS Gateway gateways carry a standard manufacturer’s warranty, are supported by our in-house team of VoIP gateway experts and are compliant with most VoIP protocols and codecs.


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    The Patton SmartNode 4528 VoIP Gateway router combines IP routing, VPN/Security, and Quality of Service (QoS) for up to 8 transparent voice or fax channels and data over an IP or PSTN network.
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    The Sangoma Vega 5000 analog gateway is a 24 FXS ports (for connection to standard analog telephones) & 2 FXO ports (for connection to PSTN telephone lines or a PBX) gateway for using VoIP with standard analog equipment.
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    The Mediatrix 4102S SIP and DGW 2.0 gateway is a high-quality and cost efficient VoIP gateway and analog telephone adapter (ATA) which connects homes, larger branch offices or multi-tenant buildings to an IP network, while preserving investment in analog telephones and faxes. It features 2 FXS ports for analog devices such as phones, modems, or fax machines, and a WAN and LAN RJ45 connection.
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    The Sangoma Vega50 48 FXS + 2 FXO Gateway has 8 FXS ports for connecting analog devices and 2 FXO ports for PSTN connection or lifeline failover.
  5. Mediatrix 3716

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    The Mediatrix 3716 is an Analog VoIP Gateway with 9 FXS ports for analog device connectivity and 7 FXO ports for connection to the PSTN. It will handle up to 7 simultaneous calls.
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    The business-class Patton SmartNode 4118/JS/EUI VoIP Media Gateway integrates up to 8 legacy PBX or analog devices with next-generation IP based telephony systems.
  7. Mediatrix 4102-MGCP

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    The Mediatrix 4102-MGCP VoIP Access Device allows 2 analog devices to access a broadband modem or LAN.
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    The Grandstream GXW4004 is a 4 FXS port gateway that allows analog phones or fax machines and traditional analog PBX systems to connect to a VoIP system or provider. It features 2 10/100 network ports with an integrated router for connecting to the network and an RJ11 line for PSTN failover.
  9. Grandstream GXW4008

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    The Grandstream GXW4008 is an 8 FXS port VoIP Gateway with dual 10/100 ports and routing capabilities.
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    The Audiocodes MediaPack 112 Analog VoIP Gateway with 2 FXS ports allows up to 2 analog devices to connect to the IP Network. This product includes 2 FXS analog lines, single 10/100 BaseT, and an AC power supply.

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