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Touch Screen VoIP Phones

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    The CloudTC Glass 1000 is a touch screen six line multimedia VoIP phone which runs on the Android OS platform. This allows the Glass 1000 to deliver rich enterprise telephony capabilities, integration to your Outlook contacts and CRM systems and business applications through the thousands of available Android apps.
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    The Grandstream GXV3275 is a 6-line multimedia Gigabit video phone with a 7" color touch screen and runs on an Android 4.2 system. The GXV3275 has integrated wi-fi, a built-in web browser, and HDMI connectivity, making this video phone the perfect solution for high-tech campuses and companies.
  3. Invoxia NVX 620

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    The Invoxia NVX620 is a VoIP Phone that you are able to dock both your iPhone and Android devices on to use as the phone's control interface.

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